Friday, September 17th, 2010
A surfer and wine lover has analysed the power, shape and feel of surf breaks around the Australian coast and matched them with the body, structure and flavour of Australian wines. and the Surferwine iPhone application marry a national database of surf breaks with the perfect drop.

Founder Matt Lockwood says the sensory experience of wine corresponds directly with the feeling you get from surfing a wave. And while the concept is a world first, he’s not the first surfer to enjoy wine.

According to research quoted by Tourism NSW, in 2007 two million Australians went surfing and in 2008, more than 1.6 million international and domestic visitors took overnight trips to coastal locations in Australia to surf.

“Surfers are a totally untapped market for our struggling wine industry,” Matt says.

Instead of talking about bouquets, strange fruits and spices, Surferwine speaks the language of surfers.

“Drinking a fresh, crisp sharp riesling is like surfing a classic Gold Coast tube with a fast breaking lip over shallow sand,” Matt says.

Surferwine will appeal to surfers, tourists, backpackers and curious wine lovers.

“Surferwine will introduce different wine styles to people who have not yet found a style to suit them,” Matt says. “I tell people that surfing a wave at First Point, Noosa, feels different to surfing a heavy reef wave around Margaret River.” “It’s the same with wine. Drinking an elegant Tasmanian pinot noir is different to drinking a big Barossa Valley Shiraz.”

Find the wine matched to your local break at
For media enquiries email or contact Matt Lockwood on 0408 357 788.

Special note: Surferwine encourages responsible drinking by learning to appreciate the body, structure and flavour of wine. All recommendations are chosen independently by Matt and his Surferwine mates, and are published with the strictest message that ‘water sports and alcohol never mix’ and that all local liquor laws must be obeyed.

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Matching good wines with good surf breaks based on a lifetime of surfing, drinking and working in wineries around Oz.
Matt Lockwood
P: 0408 357 788


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