Friday, September 17th, 2010
Ultramedix Australasia Pty Ltd today announced that their new eZono-3000 German made portable ultrasound now has selectable image presentation styles.

One of the issues that eZono have faced when demonstrating its capabilities to anaesthetists and intensivists is that many of them have become accustomed to working with other machines that have specific image presentation characteristics.

One popular brand has an image display style that presents nerve images in a high contrast style that emphasises muscles as "blacker than normal" and nerve edges as "whiter than normal", while another well known brand has an image display style more akin to radiological style images that display a wider range of fine gray shades.

This has sometimes presented a problem when demonstrating an eZono 3000 for the first time, as it too has a particular image presentation style and depending on what ultrasound the doctor may have been accustomed to, some of them have preferred the presentation style to which they have become accustomed.

The latest software release from eZono has now overcome this problem and offers the doctor a menu selectable choice of new imaging styles so that the doctor can now select an image display style that closely emulates whatever they may have been used to previously.

In addition the doctor can also select other new display features such as "raw and sharp" and "directional contrast", a unique feature that shows nerve fibres in a 3D style.

This new feature has been so successful with doctors that worldwide sales of the eZono have more than doubled and the factory has had to increase production capacity to cope with demand.

All eZono units worldwide enjoy a series of on-going software upgrades free of charge as new features or improvements are released. These are easily implemented via USB port and are available approximately four times per year. Says Ultramedix spokesman Saul Freedman "the eZono 3000 is creating quite an impact here with its German build quality, excellent imaging and unique cue card system. The units just keep getting better and better and another upgrade with even more exciting features and improvements is expected later this year".

The eZono 3000 is designed with an emphasis on the needs of the anaesthetics and critical care market with its built in learning tool Cue Cards but is also suitable for use in the wider general imaging market.


Ultramedix's eZono 3000 now has selectable image presentation styles



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