Monday, September 20th, 2010

Launch Event: Red Tent Woman in Adelaide.
Where: Redwood Park, Adelaide
Special guest: Red Tent Woman founder Ludwina Dautovic
When: Friday, 24 September

Featuring: Ludwina Dautovic, founder of The Red Tent Woman and Multi Award Winning Business Woman

Topic: Discover the Story Behind The Red Tent!

"This will be a very special occasion as Ludwina Dautovic will be flying in especially for the launch event," says organiser Linecke McIlvena. "I will have the pleasure of interviewing her and asking her the questions that I know you'd like to have answers to."

Questions like:

* What is the story of The Red Tent?
* How did you take a metaphor and turn it into a national organisation?
* What challenges have you faced and how did you overcome them?
* Did you ever want to quit and if so, what pulled you through?
* What are your key marketing strategies?
* How did you let go of your business so that you could allow it to grow?

...and much, much more.

"So if you'd like to learn how a woman went from a business on her dining room table to a national organisation with key leaders in each state, then don't miss this event!"

Bookings: For booking information go to -

Location: The address details will be given to you once your place has been confirmed. The suburb is Redwood Park.

Cost: Free for your first event

What to bring: A bottle of wine and a small plate of healthy food to share (no crackers and dips please)

More info on the events page.

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Red Tent Woman

The Red Tent Woman was created by Ludwina Dautovic in response to women’s professional and personal needs. It is a women’s network. It is a community that embraces each unique story. It is a place to set goals and get real about achieving them. It offers a space to learn what you can, lean when you need to and share what you have. It’s laughter, hard work, conversation, trials, goals and rewards.
Linecke McIlvena
P: 0433 125 908


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