Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Australian scanning leader Scan Conversion Services has opened its first international franchise in Christchurch. The new company will be led by print technology industry veteran Alex Power, Managing Director of Scan Conversion Services New Zealand.  Mr Power says that, with record high employment in New Zealand, no one wants to tackle the mundane task of repetitive data entry.

“Data entry is time-consuming and it’s boring,” Mr Power said.  “What we say is ‘why get a person to do a machine’s job?’ We have launched Scan Conversion Services to automate most of those labour-intensive processes, with fewer errors than even the most efficient human being."

Group Managing Director Richard Bates says SCS technology increases efficiencies and reduces the environmental impact in any business or department with a heavy paper load.

The Adelaide-based company has developed highly specialised software over the course of a decade to automate the conversion of any form or document type into an electronic format with 100 percent accuracy.

Typically the solution is used to reduce paper storage and increase automation and searchability in areas such as accounts payable/receivable, medical records and conservation.

Launching the new Christchurch office, Mr Bates said: “Our scanning systems save on storage costs, improve workflow, and provide valuable support to accounts staff at a time of pressing skills shortages in New Zealand.

“These factors, alongside increasing environmental awareness, are driving our business.  Our expansion plans are meeting strong demand both nationally in Australia and overseas, across Oceania and in Europe.”

With a background in print technology that includes industry legends Canon and Xerox, Mr Power and his business partners recognised the strong market need for scanning and archiving solutions and brought together a team of experts from the printing, scanning and software industries.

Mr Power says that speed, efficiency and cost are all driving Scan Conversion’s business to new heights.

“Organisations are suffering because they can’t keep up with all the invoices, timesheets, proof of delivery, remittances and other regulatory requirement -- all this paperwork that’s being generated every day,” Mr Power said.

“With virtually full employment for the last three or four years in New Zealand, it has been really difficult to secure good data entry people – Scan Conversion Services has the solution.

“By creating and validating electronic copies, we take that paper out of the filing cabinets and make it emailable and accessible for anyone requiring records, now and in future.”

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Scan Conversion Services

Scan Conversion Services (SCS) provides industry-leading Scanning, Document Conversion and CAD Conversion services for corporate, government, legal and defence requirements across Australia and New Zealand. A Commonwealth Government Endorsed Supplier, SCS was founded in Adelaide in 1996, and has since expanded through partnering and mergers with leading scanning services in Queensland and New Zealand.  Growing demand from international clients promises a bright future for the company, which offers specialist and customized scanning solutions as a bureau or in-house service.  Typical solutions include Accounts Payable, Conservation, Remittance Processing, Medical & Legal Records, and Compliance for the most complex needs. If you have a problem with document storage and retrieval, regulatory requirements or workflow that is having an impact on staff productivity or other business outputs, talk to Scan Conversion Services.  http://www.scanservices.co.nz

Richard Bates
P: +61 8 8227 0877
M: +61 419 859 581
W: www.scanservices.com.au

Alex Power

P: +64 3 943 9999
W: www.scanservices.co.nz


Australia's leading scanning company has expanded into New Zealand, opening its first international franchise in Christchurch.



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