Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Niseko, Japan is a white winter wonderland of snowy mountainous ranges covering a vast open space of natural terrain. This place offers a winter beauty unmatched by several other places in the world. The winter Siberian wind fronts aid in the making of fine powdered snow which envelops you as you disappear into the wonder of such marvelous winter magnificence. A snowy blanketed path of forest trees lead to a snowcapped mountain reaching the heavens of an immense light azure sky.

In addition to the tremendous winter splendor, Niseko, Japan, has a vibrant summertime as well. A warmer seasonal atmosphere fills the land of infinite white clouded blue skies. The weather at this time of the year is cool and inviting for a walk into the exceptional countryside and mountain terrain in this region of Japan. Extraordinary sights of Mt. Yotei from roadsides are not limited to vibrant green pastures, flowering cherry blossom trees, meadows of bright yellow sunflowers, and fields of the blossoming purple hues of potato fields. Views from an observatory above the landscapes at the Shikotsu-Toya National park allow gorgeous captivating views of the great dark blue Lake Toya.

Filled with an abundance of untainted natural resources, Niseko offers the relaxing warmth and natural subliminal ambience of many hot springs in the midst of natural settings to soothe the body and soul. Sights and sounds of the running waters of Shiribetsu River also offer an enigmatic healing experience of aquatic sparkling crystalline waters.

Niseko’s chameleon-like land changes with the seasons of the year making it a fluctuating painted land of various cool climates and natural colors throughout the year. The seasonal impressionistic beauty of Niseko, Japan leaves an unforgettable memory in the hearts and minds of all visitors who experience the amazing display of Mother Nature’s elegance.

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