Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

Want to make a little extra money on line? We can show you the money!

In the winter edition of Show Mummy the Money we show you how you can ride the money train on the rails of the information super highway and you don’t have to spend a cent creating your own expensive whiz-bang site, all you need to do is simply what you do best!

Too good to be true? Not for mother of two, Stephanie, from Endangered Creations who set up shop on in July 2007 ( and hasn’t looked back. If you are crafty or have a hobby where you are able to make your own product range, why not consider setting up a shop on where buyers and sellers come together for authentic hand-made products.

If your idea of cut and paste is something done via a computer program, then freelance work is an ideal option. We highlight the many sites worldwide, where you can register and respond to jobs posted by other users looking for a freelancer, Elance ( is a great example.  Elance provides an opportunity for everyone to find work specialising in what they do best, that’s how I met just one of the sub editors who work on Show Mummy the Money., an Australian based media company, is slightly different to other freelance sites. SitePoint provides a vehicle for business owners to hold ‘design contests’ and gain access to the creative talents of the global design community. Here is how it works. A business owner looking for a new design, perhaps a logo, a website, or stationery, provides a brief of their project, describing desired colours, schemes and so on. They also designate a monetary prize, as well as an end date to the competition. Designers can freely submit their work, as many designs as they like in the hope of winning the prize.

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Show Mummy the Money

Show Mummy the Money is a national parenting magazine available through news agencies and Borders Book Store. We fulfil several important roles:

We assist mums across Australia to realise how they can save money. We show the mums of Australia where they can get the best bang for their buck, with out compromising on their standards of quality.

Each quarter we detail the numerous ways mums can become money making mummies, withn interviews from worthy experts in their field of expertise. We discuss the difficulty and challenges faced by "return to work mums".

Finally we pay close attention to the many ways the key decision maker of the typical family unit can protect their families wealth and assets.

We show mums the money! 

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Sonia Williams of Show Mummy the Money shows mums how to do what they do best and profit from the Internet.



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