Monday, September 13th, 2010
So, you want to get in shape. You’ve had gym memberships through the years, but you just get bored with the workout—X-number of crunches, X-number of reps on the weight machines (when it’s finally your turn), and then, mile after endless mile on the treadmill. Even the built in TV doesn’t help, because you’re sick of the repetition with TV shows, as well. Well, there is an alternative. It’s time to ask—“Is boot camp right for you?”

To determine if boot camp is right for you, look at the benefits.
• It’s a full body workout
• It requires less time than most workouts—it’s like a concentrated workout
• It requires little equipment
• The exercises vary from workout to workout, so you don’t get bored
• It usually involves a team, so others are doing the same workout as you. This helps with the boredom level, as well. It also helps your commitment, since it’s easier for some people to work out if they know people are expecting them to be there.
• You have a coach, which is almost like having a personal trainer, except less expensive
• It’s easy to fit into your schedule, although it often meets early in the morning or late evening, which doesn’t work for some people.

The process is fast and furious. You meet your group at the agreed place, whether it’s the gym or a park, and start off with a good warm-up. That’s if you’ve chosen the right boot camp—always be leery of workout regimens that don’t involve warm-ups and cool-downs.

Now, the workout—well, that varies between instructors, even between workouts. The workouts may involve:
• Weights
• Ropes
• Tires
• “Children’s” games (heh, heh) such as tag (with medicine balls) or tug of war (with a 6 inch diameter, water soaked mooring line
Then the cool-down—usually stretches.

Be not deceived—the intensity is high. You get an army style workout. This is the part that produces results. You do stay hydrated with frequent water breaks, but for 25 to 30 minutes it will be full on training. You will work your whole body, including:
• Upper body
• Lower body
• Cardio
• Pulmonary
• Core

So, is boot camp right for you? If you enjoy work, sweat, and camaraderie, this may be the upgrade you are looking for in your workout.

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