Thursday, April 28th, 2016

Viatek Technology has been announced as the provider of a ground-breaking ICT-as-a-Service (ICTaaS) contract over five years for Sydney Motorway Corporation (SMC).

SMC is delivering the $16.8 billion WestConnex project, one of the largest infrastructure projects in the southern hemisphere. It involves widening and extending the M4 and M5 and joining them to create a free-flowing motorway network.

After going to market late September 2015, SMC and Viatek signed a contract in March, following a competitive tender process.

The agreement includes four pillars of SMC’s ICT: unified communications, end-user computing, platforms and IT support services.*

Viatek Technology managing director Jonathan Salmon said, “Viatek is immensely pleased to win this comprehensive tender. We understand from SMC that three of the main reasons we were selected were: our good references; that our proposal and service offerings were well structured and easy to understand; and our as-a-Service consumption pricing model, which is flexible and attractive.”

Mr Salmon said the service catalogue presented to SMC was underpinned by Viatek’s traditional ICT services, and packaged in a utility-inspired model.

“The agreement gives SMC the requested flexibility as staffing levels naturally move up and down over the lifetime of this enormous project, and it also allows the business to better manage its fluctuating ICT demands.

“An innovative ICTaaS model like this has been talked about for a number of years now, but few organisations have deployed it in the manner SMC has done. This is a full end-to-end IT delivery that’s op ex, not cap ex.”


* Service details are: unified communications (including networks, enterprise voice and security), end-user computing (such as desktop PCs, SOE, and Microsoft Office 365), platforms (cloud-based Infrastructure-as-a-Service), and IT support services (service desk, field services and IT procurement). 

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