Saturday, September 11th, 2010
Bike Futures 2010
Etihad Stadium, Melbourne: Thursday 14th – Friday 15th October 2010

As the growth of cycling for both transportation and recreation shows no sign of abating the need to cater for this growth has never been greater according to Harry Barber, CEO of Bicycle Victoria.

Bike Futures is the forum for national and local leaders, planners, designers and builders to unlock the solutions and plan the future of cycling in Australia.

“This is an exciting and challenging time for cycling in Australia. Forward thinking communities across the globe are part of the bicycle revolution and Australia needs to embrace the challenge,” Mr Barber said.

The two-day conference is presented by the Bicycle Network and hosted by Bicycle Victoria.

Bike Futures 2010 will bring together world leading experts as well as some of Australia’s leading practitioners on how to best respond to the issues confronting communities as they embrace the bicycle revolution.

Keynote speakers:
Michael Jones is a principal of Alta Planning and Design, the leading US consultancy that combines the skills of planning, design, landscape architecture and engineering to create bicycle, pedestrian, greenway and trail projects that improve and empower communities. Michael has managed more than 200 studies since 1985, ranging from major national, state, and regional plans to corridor studies to plans for small towns.

Roger Geller is the current Bicycle Coordinator at the City of Portland, Oregon. Roger has been Portland, Oregon’s Bicycle Coordinator since 2000 and has been with the city’s Bicycle Program since 1994. He has 15 years of experience managing bicycle capital, planning and policy projects. During this time he has contributed to the implementation of hundreds of miles of bikeways, the introduction of many innovations to Portland’s streets and planning vocabulary and to the successful evaluation of their effect.

Workshop themes for the two days will include: separating bicycles from cars, public bicycle schemes, on-road bicycle designs, shared paths, how to develop a good bike plan, behaviour change programs, cost benefit of cycling infrastructure and cycle tourism.

“The spin off for society of investing in cycling will benefit health, traffic congestion and climate change,” said Mr Barber.

Public inquiries Bike Futures 2010:
Call Bicycle Victoria on: 1800 616 600 or visit

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Bike Futures 2010

Bike Futures 2010 is presented by the Bicycle Network and hosted by Bicycle Victoria.
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