Tuesday, September 7th, 2010
Real time access to business critical data for both office-based and remote workers.

IRIS Enterprise Software, the UK’s largest privately owned software business and one of the longer established in Australia & New Zealand, will be officially launching IRIS Exchequer LIVE – the latest technological advancement of its award-winning product, at Softworld Accounting and Finance 2010.

IRIS Exchequer LIVE is an all new range of modules designed to enable more users based in remote locations to have easy access to their IRIS Exchequer solution. IRIS Exchequer LIVE provides an essential gateway to accurate, critical business information, crucial in today’s current fast paced working environment, whilst reducing the overhead costs associated with manually collating and processing data such as timesheets and expenses.

IRIS Exchequer LIVE is not purely for remote workers; the solution will deliver the capability for office-based users to access, manage and tailor transactions to their individual working requirements. Key to the design of this new solution is the ability for users to create a personalised view of key information. An intuitive panel provides a ‘snapshot’ view of activities, unique to each specific user. In addition, all modules benefit from an extensive approval and authorisation system so businesses can have a clear picture of individual expenses.

Developed in response to the increasing demands on the working environment, IRIS Exchequer LIVE enables users to operate and collaborate efficiently. This latest offering from IRIS embraces the latest technologies which empower users by providing real time access, from any location, through an intuitive and highly functional new User Interface (UI). By taking advantage of leading edge developments, IRIS has created a new ‘Rich Internet Application’ (RIA) which enables both office-based and remote users to have access to live data.

IRIS has harnessed this new technology (RIA’s), to create a brand new range of modules, designed to deliver a powerful platform which gives users a competitive edge. Paul Sparkes, Product Director of IRIS Accounting & Business Solutions, comments: “IRIS remains committed to responding to our customer demands and our independent research clearly demonstrated that remote access is becoming ever more critical to everyday business functionality. IRIS Exchequer LIVE provides a versatile new environment by pushing previous browser boundaries and enhancing the customer experience.”

The new range of IRIS Exchequer modules includes; IRIS Exchequer LIVE Timesheets, IRIS Exchequer LIVE Expenses and IRIS Exchequer LIVE eProcurement. IRIS is fully committed to the LIVE program and further modules in the LIVE range are already under development. Paul Sparkes concludes; “IRIS prides itself on applying the latest technical innovation to our award-winning product to provide our customers with essential key tools to optimise working processes. We believe that IRIS Exchequer LIVE responds to this challenge by providing a fresh and dynamic approach to accessing critical business data.”

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Exchequer from IRIS Enterprise software is used by over 16,000 businesses worldwide ranging from growing small to medium and large sized businesses. The award-winning business software has won ‘Financial Software Provider of the Year’ in the Real Finance/CBI FDs’ Excellence Awards more times than any other provider and continues to stay ahead of the competition with $45 million (£20 million) invested into R&D in 2009.

For more details on IRIS Exchequer within Australia, New Zealand & The Pacific Islands please visit http://www.irissql.com

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