Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

The ANU, Monash University, Swinburne University, Sydney University, Southern Cross Uni, and many more, are all participating in this year’s Quitober Challenge (Quitober.com.au). The new and innovative campaign-month encourages employers to sponsor their staff smokers to quit smoking during October.

Using the combination of a Quitober manual and pack, incentive prizes, daily newsletters, social media, and peer support, some 40% to 50% of participants are expected to quit for the month.

“The interesting thing will be to see how many remain smoke-free long term,” said Des Sherlock, founder of Quitober.

“Two similar, quit & win campaigns have been running in Canada for around 10 years and had 46,000 smokers take part this year”, he said, “with high long term cessation rates. But basically, the way I see it, is that it’s a numbers game. There is no magic bullet for helping smokers to quit. Getting participation numbers up, through such quit & win campaigns, according to the Cochran Review, of Competitions and Incentives, “..may have more potential to deliver higher absolute numbers of quitters”.


How it Works:
• Employers register online to sponsor their staff opting to either refund successful staff quitters their $31 membership or by paying for their membership upfront before the start of the campaign.
• Staff smokers register, selecting their employer as their sponsor.
• Members wear the Quitober wristband to indicate their participation, warding off any invitations from smokers and acting as a marker to ensure there is no cheating.
• Members receive an email newsletter on Mondays, Wednesday and Friday with tips and comments from fellow members.
• The Quitober edition of Positively Quit Manual is a collaboration of Cassius Cheong’s book & Quitober.

The 50 page manual uses unique techniques and common sense to assist smokers to quit.
• Incentive prizes consist of travel related prizes to get members dreaming of far off places to escape to if they successfully quit and go in the draw to win.
• The campaign in Canada is called www.DriventoQuit.ca and Quebec’s Quit & Win
• We survey members at the end of the campaign to confirm their cessation status.

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Quitober is a idea dreamed up by Des Sherlock, convinced that the Quit organisation would take it up but unfortunately they did not see this as a suitable idea for them preferring to focus on negative awareness campaigns only. So he has had to go it alone without any support from them or any governments at this stage.
Desmond Sherlock
P: 0417712601
W: quitober.com


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