Tuesday, September 7th, 2010
“It was a big moment for me,” says reclusive Marius winemaker, Roger Pike, “… a moment that I recognised.”

He refers to the day he quietly closed the door of his Maserati Ghibli, and walked away, leaving it, and the impossibly beautiful woman within, parked on the corner where Princess Grace was killed. The woman never saw him again.

Many people never saw him again.

How this got him into DBC Pierre’s new book, Lights Out In Wonderland, is a mystery no amount of readings will solve.

But there are clues hidden in the comparison of Pike’s tiny, legendary vineyard on a freaky talus slope straddling the big faultline in McLaren Vale, Australia.

The secret of how these buccaneers collided, and when, how and where, remains as deep, dark, and confoundingly delicious as a poison fish, a squirt of Jicky, or a bottle of Marius. The full bottle, of course.

It’ll take five or six to get you to the end of Lights Out In Wonderland.

That’ll be a moment that you recognise.

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Marius Wines

Marius Wines is a small winery in McLaren Vale owned and managed by Roger Pike. It produces premium, single vineyard, red wines.

Contact: Roger Pike
Tel: 0402 344 340
Email:[email protected]

Roger Pike
P: 0402 344 340
W: www.mariuswines.com.au


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