Monday, September 6th, 2010
Dad’s unhappy with the gift card vouchers they received this Fathers Day can now turn them into cash!

Melbourne online start up, Cardlimbo, recently voted Australia’s most innovate product for 2010 in Anthill’s SMART 100 - People’s Choice Award, now offers dads the option to exchange their unwanted gift card vouchers for cash.

In an Australian first service, Cardlimbo currently offers cash back for gift card vouchers from over 100 retailers and entertainment providers, including some of the more popular gift cards received this Fathers Day; including:
o 87% cash back on Coles Group and Myer, and Woolworth’s Wish gift cards
o 85% cash back on Westfield gift cards
o 84% on Myer gift cards
o 78% cash back on Super Cheap Auto and Autobarn gift cards

A survey of over 700 people recently conducted by Melbourne University found that 20% of gift card vouchers received are unwanted.

The survey also found that only 9% of consumers currently resell their unwanted gift cards. The survey found that the main reasons that Australian’s neglect to exchange their unwanted gift cards for cash is that they thought the process would be too time consuming (44%) or because they didn’t know they could sell them for cash (25%)

Cardlimbo addresses both of these concerns by creating a fast, user friendly and secure online channel to sell gift cards. When selling a gift card, consumers are presented with an instant cash quote and can elect to receive payment via EFT or Cheque. The consumer then posts the gift card to Cardlimbo, who in turn guarantees payment with 5 business days of receiving the sold gift card voucher.

The Melbourne University survey estimated the gift card market in Australia to be in excess of $1.5b, and consumer group Choice estimates up to 30 per cent of the gift vouchers given each year are never redeemed.

Cardlimbo also offers consumers the opportunity to buy brand new gift cards and to buy discounted gift cards at up to 30% off the value of the gift card.

To sell or buy unwanted gift cards visit:

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Cardlimbo Pty Ltd

Since launching on March 15, Cardlimbo, a Melbourne based online retail company, has revolutionised the way local consumers use their gift card vouchers in the Australian gift card voucher market estimated at over A$1.5 billion in annual turnover.

In just 5 months since launching, Cardlimbo has returned over $70k to Australian consumers in exchange for their unwanted gift card vouchers and has seen revenues grow at over 20% month on month, demonstrating an incredible demand for this Australian first service.

And just last month, Cardlimbo was voted Australia's most innovative product in Anthill's SMART100 People's Choice Award.

For those that receive unwanted high value gift card vouchers as a result of prizes or corporate rewards, Cardlimbo provides the ideal solution, enabling consumers to exchange their gift card vouchers for cash.

For consumer looking to save money on new purchases, Cardlimbo offer discounts of up to 30% off the retail price of gift card vouchers from their favourite retailers. Discounted gift card voucher offerings are complemented by the availability of brand new gift card vouchers from a selection of retailers. also offers its customers the unique opportunity to donate the value of gift card vouchers to one of 3 charities, including: Plan International Australia, Barnardos, and Planet Ark.

Having started with 60 retailers, Cardlimbo has quickly grown to now offer consumers the option to buy, sell and donate gift card vouchers from 100 major Australian retailers, hotel chains and cinemas, including for example, Myer, David Jones, Bunnings, JB Hi-Fi, Rebel Sport, Borders, iTunes and Village Cinemas.
Fergus Koochew, CEO and Co-Founder of Cardlimbo
P: 0419136347


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