Saturday, September 4th, 2010
One of the steps to getting polished concrete floors is to use concrete floor systems. The result of using such a system is beautiful and shining concrete floors. The floors will usually be dust-free as well. One of the benefits of using a new polished concrete floor system is the consumer can save money. They will not have to spend money on frequent repairs or reinstallations. The polishing floor system will allow consumers to save thousands and increase the life and durability of their concrete floors.

One of the things to look out for when investing in a quality concrete polishing system is to make sure it covers the basics. The system should also be able to handle a variety of floors that are made from different material such as wood. The machine should also be equipped with diamond impregnated segments of disks. These disks will look like sandpaper and are responsible for grinding down surfaces to create a shine coating on the floor. The particles for the diamond segments are created from segments called metallic matrix. These coarse segments can remove flaws such as stains, scuff marks and blemishes. The amount of steps needed to create the perfect finish depends on the origianl condition of the floor. Most of the time, the process can be completed in 3 to 4 steps.

The diamond abrasives are used in the final step of polishing. This step involves grinding the concrete surface. To create a really glossy look, a final grit (counting in 1500) may be used to create the polished look. If the process will be done by a professional, they can usually tell how much polishing will need to be done just by looking at the floor. Most concrete polishing floor systems should also be able to ward against dirt and dust. The floor is often protected against other elements as well.

Another benefit using floor systems is that it requires less maintenance. The system is great for high-traffic areas that may start to lack luster after a certain amount of years. Many business owners and entrepreneurs use the floor system in order to impress potential clients and/or customers. All types of concrete can be polished with these systems, however it is advised that the floors should be in place at least 30 days before polishing. This is to make sure that the floor has had time to bond correctly. The floor may need surface preparation needed as well.

Using a polishing concrete floor system is a good idea to save money and time. Most consumers are satisified with the results.


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