Friday, September 3rd, 2010
Yulara (Uluru), Thursday 02 Sept 2010 – With the world in a crisis situation, women will gather for peace this Spring Equinox in the ‘Red Centre’ to take part in an experiment to witness the power of positive intention. Women from Australia and abroad are invited to come to Uluru - September 21-24 and unite in a prayerful mood to help humanity in its current chaos. Home to the Heart, led by Gabriella Ferro is a non- profit operation that seeks to help create positive change through prayer (or ceremony). This experiment is based on a connection with higher intelligence, the fact; ‘thoughts create reality’ and the universal law of attraction or ‘reaping what we sow.’

Prayer has been proven to lower heart rate, breathing rate and blood pressure. Tests by the Mind Science Foundation in Texas showed precisely that isolated red blood cells responded to prayer. One popular study done in Washington Dc in 1993 involving almost 4,000 transcendental meditation practitioner’s saw the crime rate fall by 23%, including assault, murder and rape. There is also an African saying; “things are the way they are because of prayer.” It is real.

Dr Masaru Emoto has done extensive research on the effects of prayer on water crystals, with astounding results. Water acts as a conductor for our thoughts and emotions, which can be amplified into the environment. Dr Emoto calls this ‘morphic resonance,’ where awareness spreads from one person to the next. Hagelin, a physicist, calls it the ‘field effect of consciousness’ and this information together with sound will be used for the Uluru experiment.

Home to the Heart’s main concern is the wellbeing of the future generations. Gabriella states that: “the world leaders are not real ones because they are failing to do their job of safeguarding the future health of this planet and the children.” In 2009, worldwide military expenditure was estimated at 1,531 billion dollars, even during financial crisis. This is a 49% increase since 2000. It is evidently clear what our ‘so called’ leaders are pursuing, while children starve and in some places are handed guns at the age of 6. Human impact is physically destabilising Earth, all while some are busy playing with nuclear toys.

Humanity could be placed in three categories, says Gabriella, “those who do not want to or are not ready to change, those who are indifferent to change and those who are ready for change.” Therefore, this gathering of the sisterhood is to represent those who are ready and who feel the call. Just as there are those who’ve made their decision to keep fighting, many people are too making their decision, of peace.
Gabriella has made a creative dance video to inspire women to unite at the heart of Australia, aimed to convey the essence of joy and freedom. It can be viewed at

Matthew Arnold (1822-1888), said “If ever the world sees a time when women shall come together, purely and simply for the benefit of humanity, it will be a power such as the world has never known.”

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Home to the Heart is non-profit operation seeking to help create positive change for Earth through prayer and ceremony. Our mission is to ensure the wellbeing of the earth and its future generations.
Gabriella Ferro
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