Thursday, September 2nd, 2010
Reston, VA – BlueCubit LLC is proud to announce the release of ImageNest version 3.0 for Mac OSX. ImagesNest, a software application for automatically performing layout (nesting) of digital images and PostScript files for wide format ink jet printers.

Version 3.0 includes major new features such as Image Rotation in all nesting algorithms, Image Overlap, Snap images to Grid, Snap image edges, Manual Layout Mode, Copy and Paste, and enhanced Image Editing. In addition to these new features--ImageNest has also undergone a massive overhaul of core functions.

“In order to optimize speed for the complex functions necessary to optimally fit files in a layout we had to re-factor and re-engineer many of our core processes.” Said BlueCubit Director of Sales Joshua Lubbers. “By using both CPU and GPU processing we can perform typical Image Layout and editing functions much faster than any RIP or Layout program we tested against.”

The update to ImageNest is available to all customers via direct download from the Bluecubit website and as part of Bluecubit’s firm commitment to their customers the update is free of charge.

About ImageNest:

ImageNest is a PostScript® level three Raster Image Processor and layout application. ImageNest performs photo layout (nesting) for digital images and postcript file for the the Print for Pay, Pre-Press, Fine Art Reproduction and Photographic reproduction markets.

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Bluecubit LLC is a global leader in engineering software solutions for InkJet, Solvent, and PhotoGraphic printing on Mac OSX. Bluecubit is dedicated to producing intuitive software that requires no training or expertise and producing superior output to all printer types. All software engineered by BlueCubit is 64 bit compatible and is Universal Binary.

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