Thursday, September 2nd, 2010
We are increasingly living a world where the face to face nature of business is being replaced by online transactions. Once the transaction is with a computer and not a person and element of credibility is lost. This effect is compounded when you hear about some of the increasingly sophisticated scams carried out via web transactions.

Given this the consumer can be forgiven for not putting their trust in the small business and instead opting for the known brand.

Does this need to be so?

Most reputable businesses of any size have documents that support their legitimacy, these include:
• Accreditation Certificate
• Licences
• Insurance Certificates
• Customer Referrals
• Brochures & Examples of other work done
• Presence on Social Media

How to communicate this to the consumers?
Let’s face it, this information is dull, and we don’t want it cluttering up our website or overcomplicating matters. It is also information that will get lost in the social clutter of social media.

The Solution is a social networking style site which you can link to from your website, blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn or even brochures and advertising. This directs the unsure consumer to a place where they see all your credentials and even be updated as they are renewed.

Why haven’t I heard of it?
It’s brand new and at only $50 per year it will pay itself off with the first client you gain or retain because of it.

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