Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

POLITICAL intrigue comes to the fore at Roleystone Theatre this September with the world premiere of a play about Lee Harvey Oswald, John F. Kennedy’s alleged assassin.

Written and directed by Paul Abbott, One Weekend in Dallas focuses on Oswald’s brief time in custody on November 22, 1963, before he was shot and denied a trial.

Abbott says little is known about what went on behind the closed doors of Dallas authorities after Oswald was presumed guilty of Kennedy’s murder.

“Basing the play on real-life events, and setting it between the bookends of JFK’s assassination and Oswald’s eventual killing, I felt great freedom in exploring every character while trying to portray them as accurately as possible,” he said.

“History has always been a keen interest for me and while JFK’s shooting has been covered extensively in movies, documentaries, books and other publications, there has never been a fully-dedicated stage play.

“Hopefully, a happy by-product will be piquing the audience’s interest enough so they go away and look into the subject a little more.”

Staging a newly-written play presented several challenges for Abbott, especially given the majority of the cast is male.

“Men are a rare commodity when it comes to non-musical theatre,” he said. “But the subject matter has given the actors something different and challenging.

“The narrative consists of actual people during real events so respect for all concerned, in researching and cross-referencing aspects of that historical weekend, was paramount.

“I also had to consider what to include and what not to include – one of the real strengths of One Weekend in Dallas is that it will intrigue both ‘assassination buffs’ and newcomers to the subject.”

Abbott is making a return to theatre after an absence of a few years, having previously performed and worked backstage for Roleystone, KADS and Marloo Theatres.

“Writing and directing is a new direction for me and I’m excited I’m stepping back into the theatre world this way,” he said.

“John F. Kennedy’s assassination was one of the most shocking incidents in modern history because he was such a beacon for progression and peace.
“This play is one of a kind because it will entertain, challenge and enlighten the audience on one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in recent times.

“Historical-based plays are not common for audiences but it makes a change from light English comedies and musicals while potentially creating interest for more plays like this in the future.”

One Weekend In Dallas plays at 8pm, September 10, 11, 17 and 18 with a 6pm matinee on September 12. Tickets are $15 adults, $12 children – book on (08) 9397 5730, [email protected] or through BOCS on (08) 9484 1133.

Roleystone Theatre is located at 587 Brookton Highway, Roleystone, opposite the Croyden Road junction, in Western Australia. More information is also available at

This is also quite topical, given this story about JFK(JFK assassination cover-up blown sky-high):


dallas1-3: David Kerr is Lee Harvey Oswald in the world premiere of One Weekend In Dallas at Roleystone Theatre.

dallas5: The world premiere of One Weekend In Dallas features David Kerr as Lee Harvey Oswald with Kyle Kash, Peter Carr, Jack Barker, Paul Abbott and Stephen Carr.

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