Thursday, September 2nd, 2010
With their anniversary on September 1, entrepreneurial start-up pb Human Capital enter a high-growth phase in Management Consulting, but Sustainability & Carbon is still a core focus.

“It’s certainly not what we expected” says Brendon Booth, 28 year-old co-founder of pb Human Capital. “In September 2009, the sustainability and carbon sectors were the next big thing, and we were perfectly poised to capitalise on a new market.”

While their commencement coincided with GFC fears hitting fever-pitch, it was the political death of the ETS and the non-result of Copenhagen COP15 that forced Booth and his partner Warwick Peel, 34, to consider their options.
“We had a meeting with our Advisory Board”, Peel says, “and decided pretty quickly that one of our existing sectors – management consulting – lacked agile, forward thinking search consultants.”

“We already had relationships with two of the Big 4 chartered firms” Booth explains, “and within a short period of time, the consulting market exploded. Being small and nimble, we could shift gears, and we’ve now carved out a significant portion of the national market.”

With management consulting their biggest industry sector, eyes are still on the political landscape so that when government decides on Carbon and Sustainability policy, Peel believes “we’ll be ready to press the green button and lead from the front.”

However, had they not been agile and ready to change focus, they might not have hit their birthday. “We have great advisors”, Peel explains “and their biggest message has been to stay flexible so we could adapt to the market. If we’d been blinkered by sustainability and nothing else, we might not have made the end of the financial year.”

And what does pb Human Capital want for its birthday? “Great recruiters,” is Warwick Peel’s simple answer. “We’ve got more work than we can handle and our other staff are stretched beyond capacity – the right people are vital to our continued success towards FY2011 and beyond.”

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pb Human Capital

pb Human Capital are a Melbourne-based boutique search firm founded by entrepreneurs Warwick Peel and Brendon Booth. Peel and Booth have a combined 18 years recruitment expertise and their experienced team execute search assignments nationally. With specialties in Management Consulting, Sustainability, Financial Services and Supply Chain, the first birthday for pbHC coincides with a new phase of expansion and growth.
Brendon Booth
P: 03 8610 6963
M: 0422 356 901


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