Wednesday, November 30th, 2005

Launceston software company, Imagination Corporation, has today launched Trapeze. Trapeze enables the integration of Microsoft Word forms with databases and captured field data to be automatically published in multiple file formats including Acrobat PDFs, HTML web pages, and text. Trapeze can rout these multiple file formats as an email or short message service (SMS) in accordance with organisational processes and business rules. This enables organisations and businesses to streamline and accelerate their workflows by converting paper documents to digital documents and cut the costs of operating paper based systems at the same time. Because the forms are within the familiar MS Word file format, the documents will retain the exact look and feel of the organisations paper forms and documents while enabling users to save forms on their hard drives, fill them in anytime, email them within the organisation for approvals / revisions and then via their browser to upload the forms to the Trapeze enabled server at anytime.
MS Word Form Database Integration, Automated Publishing and Routing
Trapeze is a Linux based middleware application, that resides on a Linux or Unix server. This server can be owned and managed by the form recipient or by Imagination Corporation. When a User uploads a Microsoft Word form (for example a finance application, a compliance report, a permit application or a competition submission) via their browser, Trapeze captures the field data that was entered into the form and populates the Trapeze database. The Trapeze SQL database enables the automated publishing of the field data in multiple formats and routs the raw data or published files in accordance with business rules. The field data can be integrated with ERP and CRM systems on platforms such as Oracle, Peoplesoft, Ariba, Sybase, Microsoft SQL, Seibel and IBM WebSphere.
Advantages Over Acrobat Forms and Web Forms
Trapeze turns Microsoft Word forms into intelligent e-forms. Trapeze enabled MS Word forms are the most effective data collection tool available today. Why? Because Users can save Microsoft Word Forms, the spell checker works and they can be completed in off line sessions and uploaded via the Trapeze engine in the users own time.
Trapeze / MS Word E-Forms systems have a wide and varied application. Some concept applications include finance application, compliance reporting, research data collection, content consolidation for mobile professionals, content consolidation for online directories submissions, course work, assignments and essays, and internal organisational reports.

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