Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Melbourne, Australia & Buffalo, New York: These are the homes of two mothers, Kristen Morrison and Geralyn Spiesz. Having recently met online, these women are now marveling at the extraordinary similarities between their experiences with their sons - born with Down syndrome.

Neither Kristen nor Geralyn accepted the negative forecasts which came with the diagnosis. Both of them decided to do their own research into ways to help their sons achieve the best possible result using natural therapies and interventions immediately from birth, and the results have been outstanding for each of the boys. Also co-incidentally, the boys are now 3 years old; both boys are pictured below.

With no medical qualifications, Kristen’s research was a steep learning curve, but through the use of nutritional supplements, a physical program, an intelligence program and a host of other natural therapies, her son is a healthy, active & communicative little boy. ‘Gryffin’s achievements are greater than our dreams. We are thrilled by his progress’ says his mother.

Geralyn has a Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy, and has many years experience working with developmental disabilities. Geralyn’s research therefore came from a professional background and together with nutritional supplements, an intelligence program (the same one that Kristen used) and a physical program, Geralyn’s son Lucas is similarly healthy and advanced by traditional standards. Geralyn says ‘Lucas continues to defy everyone's expectations.’

Traditional forecasts for a baby born with Down syndrome are daunting and distressing for most parents. Because of their success, Kristen and Geralyn have each written books to help other families. Naturally Better, by Kristen Morrison, was published in June this year (see www.naturallybetterkids.com ). Geralyn’s book will be released later in 2010 and she also has a blog: www.thedownsyndromeactionplan.blogspot.com

For more information, contact Kristen Morrison (Australia) 0433 450 804, [email protected] or Geralyn Spiesz (USA) 716-597-7941 [email protected]


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