Tuesday, August 31st, 2010
Fuji Xerox Redefines Printing With the Release of Color 800/1000 Presses

Fuji Xerox’s revolutionary Color 800/1000 Presses are receiving rave reviews from satisfied customers. The presses were released in Asia Pacific in June 2010.

The Fuji Xerox Color 800/1000 Presses are specially designed to provide businesses with a competitive and cost-effective printing solution. The presses feature a fifth clear dry ink print station, which allows the presses to amplify images or apply watermarks. All Color 800/1000 Presses come with a Design Guide for Clear Ink, which helps customers understand how Fuji’s new clear ink technology can help grow their businesses. Both presses print at 2400 x 2400 dpi for unprecedented image quality and sharpness.

Fuji Xerox understands the needs of today’s fast-paced world. The Color 800/1000 Presses print at 80 to 100 ppm for extremely quick turnarounds.

"Fuji Xerox endeavors to set precedence in pioneering innovative printing technologies and the Color 800/1000 Presses are testimonies of our continuing efforts. The new technologies of the Color 800/1000 Presses have provided an advantage to print providers in generating added value to their prints. We look forward to a long-standing relationship with our customers as we continue to further expand our high-end digital color portfolio to suit the various need for volume, performance and applications," says Koji Tezuka, Senior General Manager, Marketing, International Business Group, Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.

Eric Thomspon, head of the printing firm Baseline, purchased two Fuji Xerox 1000 Presses for his company. Baseline says that the printers have allowed the company to cut costs and to remain ahead of the competition.

The Color 800/1000 Presses are just one of the ways that Fuji Xerox helps its customers meet their business needs. Fuji Xerox provides a full suite of industry-leading business resources and digital printing services and continues to be a pioneer in cutting-edge printing technology.


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