Monday, August 30th, 2010
BillsTrust™, the bill payment service created by MYOB founder Craig Winkler has been honoured by making the 2010 Australian Anthill Smart 100 index for business innovation.

BillsTrust™ ( has been announced as a winner in the Australian Anthill Smart 100 awards for its innovative bill payment service designed for businesses who are tired of the current way they pay and manage their bills and invoices. The award follows BillsTrust being named an Honoree in the prestigious Webby internet awards for 2010, and recognises Australian technology companies for their innovation in redefining and simplifying business processes.

“We’ve created a 21st century product to tackle a 20th century problem, namely for how to free up time for businesses who get lots of bills, that they have to remember to pay by the due date, and then spend the time doing the payment. BillsTrust allows them to pay any bill whether handwritten or printed without having to think about payment or do any data entry, while allowing them to also manage their cash flow and provide an archive of all their bills in one place through our web service.” said Managing Director, Craig Winkler.

BillsTrust has been developed by an experienced team who were formerly at MYOB, including MYOB founder Craig Winkler. The team created BillsTrust around their understand of the time pressures and cash flow challenges faced by Australian businesses.

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