Saturday, August 28th, 2010
A generous influx of new Canadian customers means Technocash (online account) needs to tell everyone about using the Canadian Dollar $CAD services.

Technocash is a truly global financial system, with major currencies such as USD, EUR, GPB, JPY, AUD, NZD and many more already represented and easily used in the online account. Technocash’s financial online account lets you hold, use and transfer all major currencies including the Canadian Dollar $CAD. This allows customers and business clients to load, hold and convert funds in their Technocash online account in a wide number of currencies. Visit to find out which Technocash online account is right for you today.

Watch this short video clip to learn more about Technocash and the Canadian Dollar:

Canadians, like all of our customers, can now also enjoy instant Technocash online account to Technocash online account transfers, worldwide in any major currency. Time differences are no barrier to transferring or receiving funds including the Canadian Dollar as the Technocash online account system uses the power of the internet with 24/7 access.

You can load Canadian Dollars to a Technocash online account very easily. Just send Canadian Dollars to any of Technocash's special Canadian Dollar deposit bank accounts. The Canadian Dollars you send arrive as Canadian Dollars $CAD without currency conversion. This is one of the benefits of using Canadian Dollars in the Technocash system.

It even gets better because you can convert Canadian Dollars to any of the other major currencies easily 24/7. This provides maximum flexibility and is another reason why Technocash is great.

New clients can learn more and get for their very own Technocash online account here: Technocash online account customers and businesses enjoy exceptional value and top quality service so you should apply today.

Just read our testimonials and you soon see just how great Technocash and its online accounts are and why you can use all major currencies including the Canadian Dollar.

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Technocash Limited

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Technocash moves money home for individuals - being remittance services. Technocash moves money for businesses for global payments and receipts.

Technocash moves money for investment groups internationally. Technocash uses its money moving services to provide Gift Card Programs and Mobile transactions.

TECHNOCASH was established in 2000 and is still expanding and offering more services. We are moving money for more customers in more currencies each year. Customers discover they can save money and do more with TECHNOCASH and that we are unlike any other system. Use our unique cleared funds BillFoldTM login facility to enable a wide range of transactions instantly. We handle moving money and payments for a growing number of individuals and organizations. One specialty is helping collect payments from Australia and New Zealand.

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TECHNOCASH offers clients the ability to hold real cash funds in their own account - a valuable feature is the ability to hold many different currencies in your account at one time. You can use standard worldwide banking services to load funds into your TECHNOCASH account. Don't open multiple international currency accounts! Just get a TECHNOCASH Global FX Account.
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