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Today, the peak electrical industry body in Australia, the National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA), warned consumers not to be lured into installing insulation batts themselves after an online auction company announced that more than 100,000 batts were being sold cheaply.

Chief executive officer of NECA, Mr James Tinslay, said the industry has serious safety concerns for consumers if unqualified or inexperienced people climbed into their roof space and start installing insulation batts.

“Insulation batts should only be installed by people and companies that are experienced in this area because there are electrical dangers when working inside your roof,” Mr Tinslay said.

“The condition of electrical wiring in your roof is usually unknown as it is something most people don’t see everyday. Working in a space with a metal frames, down lights and electrical wiring has the potential for serious electrical risks to residents and the area is usually poorly lit so it makes it even more dangerous.”

“There is also the potential for vermin to have damaged wiring and the usual risks of asbestos, pesticides and heat and humidity.”

NECA recommends that before insulation batts are installed residents should have their roof space inspected by a licensed electrician and ensure they have a safety switch that provides another level of protection.

Home insulation can be effective and can help reduce electricity bills for residents because they may use less energy to heat and cool their home. However, before insulation is installed the residents need to make sure it is safe to enter their roof space.

NECA was the first organisation to warn the federal government about the dangers associated with the failed Home Insulation Program in February 2009 and fears there could be more house fires, property damage and injuries if residents install insulation themselves without completing the necessary safety checks.

“An inspection by an experienced electrician will give residents peace of mind before climbing a ladder and crawling into their roof space. We all know the benefits of safety switches so if you don’t have one installed we certainly recommend this,” Mr Tinslay said.

“There are real risks involved with this type of work as clearly demonstrated by the damage to property and all the house fires following the government’s failed program. No one wants to see more damage or injuries caused by incorrectly installing insulation or from electrical risks whilst installing insulation batts.”

“If residents purchase cheap insulation batts it would be wise to use an experienced installer.”


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