Friday, August 27th, 2010


A national survey conducted by McCrindle research has found that as a result of the election outcome 86% of voters would not change their vote at all if they were heading to the polls again this Saturday. Just 5.2% would change their vote for both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

The uncertain result has created anxiety, with 55.7% of Australians feeling “somewhat” or “very” anxious about the future. However the majority of Australians believe it to be a good outcome that it will lead to greater democracy (60.4%) while just 26.6% state that it is a bad outcome and that a traditional party majority would lead to better governance.

Social researcher Mark McCrindle said “there has been a shift for decades away from autocratic leadership towards collaborative styles. Managers in organisations have long ago moved on from structural, command models of leadership to consultative “leader as facilitator” approaches- and now were beginning to see these shifts at the national political level”.

One third of voters (35.5%) believe that even though Governor General Quentin Bryce is the Mother-In-Law of Labor Parliamentary Secretary Bill Shorten, there is no conflict of interest and she should play the usual constitutional role. However 61.6% of voters believe that she should “definitely” (24.4%) or “probably” (37.2%) exclude herself from involvement in this process.

The survey also showed that today just 1 in 3 voters (33.6%) can be considered “rusted on”, voting for the same party every election while the majority (56%) are potential swinging voters, stating that they vote for the party with the best policies at the time.

“Web 2.0 has created a world of asymmetrical power where everyone can “broadcast themselves” on YouTube, contribute to the world’s encyclopaedia on Wikipedia, tweet their inanities like a celebrity, or as buyers- rate the sellers on Ebay or Trip Advisor” writes Mark McCrindle. “People are enjoying the power of their voice in the online world, and the renewed power of their vote in our democracy”

Source: McCrindle Research.
Research method: National representative survey of Australian voters conducted via – the online research panel of McCrindle Research.

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