Thursday, April 14th, 2016

Despite spending tens of thousands of taxpayer’s dollars, there has still been no response the Senate inquiry into Third Party Certification of Food. Has the Australian government already submitted to Islamic blasphemy laws? Why the silence? Consumers demand action now

The six month inquiry took place in 2015 with the final report (1), including seven recommendations, submitted to the Senate on 1 December 2015. The government had three months to respond but failed to do so. When questioned, a staff member of the inquiry remarked there is a penalty for no response, but it is never enforced.


Kirralie Smith, the director of Halal Choices, said, “The recommendations are consistent with what consumers have been calling for over the past few years. The government is ignoring not just the will of the people, but also the advice of the Senate and desperate pleas for intervention by our top ten beef exporters.”


Mrs Smith pointed out that these beef exporters have called for urgent action regarding the prohibitive costs of halal certification (2), but it has fallen on deaf ears with our government.

Last month an Indonesian government representative heard their concerns(3)  but the Australian government doesn’t seem to care.


“Why doesn’t the Australian press report on such concerns?” asks Mrs Smith.


Labor Senator Sam Dastyari received up to $30K on top of his $199K base salary to chair the economics reference committee. He made derogatory tweets regarding concerned Australian consumers during the hearing process, despite conceding there were ‘scammers’ in the halal industry and that reforms were required.


Mrs Smith will be at Parliament House in Canberra on Monday 18 April to deliver two petitions. The first petition contains almost 3,000 hand-collected signatures addressed to the House of Representatives that calls for clear labelling, a user pays system, and an end to religious discrimination in the workplace (4).

The second petition is addressed to Senator Cory Bernardi and has approximately 7,000 signatures. It implores the government to act on the senate inquiry recommendations (5).

Mrs Smith provides detailed information to counter the misinformation regarding halal certification in an article published this week on the Pickering Post blog (6).

Kirralie Smith the lead senate candidate for Australian Liberty Alliance in NSW and the Director of Halal Choices .

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