Saturday, August 21st, 2010
Marital status can affect car insurance rates, according to major insurance companies in Australia, and understanding the factors at play can be vital for married partners who drive.

Car insurance companies use a series of actuarial tables to figure quotes. Marital status is included on these tables, and for some drivers, it can make a major impact on car insurance coverage and rates.

Insurance providers generally consider married drivers to be safer, as accident statistics show that married drivers are involved in far fewer incidents. Traffic incidents involving married individuals also tend to be less serious than those involving single individuals. As a result, most insurance providers will charge much more for single drivers, especially younger drivers who fall into one or more of the high risk insurance groups. Young, single, male drivers generally pay the most.

Married drivers who opt for a joint car insurance policy see the lowest rates. However, the driving records of both partners are important if this is the case. If one partner has a good record and the other partner has a poor record, it may be hard to find joint car insurance, and rates may be relatively high, even though marriage may counteract some of the effect of the poor driver's record. These married drivers can often lower their insurance rates by taking defensive driving courses and by searching for other ways to obtain car insurance discounts. Discounts can greatly slash the price of a car insurance quote, and they can be very helpful.

According to, it's possible to get a low cost car insurance quote, regardless of marital status, by keeping a clean driving record and by speaking to an insurance agent to discuss potential discounts. Real Insurance offers car insurance services, as well as insurance for homes, life insurance, and more.


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