Saturday, August 21st, 2010
Baby Products That Every Baby Needs

Expectant mothers are often anxious for their little ones to enter the world. One way to keep busy during the final months of pregnancy is by making sure that you have all of the baby products that every baby needs fully stocked in your home.

Start With the Basics
When you first start to make purchases for your baby, the basics come to mind first. It is important to stock your home with everything that you will need right away such as nappies, wipes and a nappy pail; bottles, teats and a bottle warmer; shampoos, lotions, powders and creams; a baby bath, thermometer, nail clipper, cotton wool and cotton buds.

It's Time to Stock the Nursery
Once you have purchased all of the basics it's time to fill the nursery with all of the things your baby will need as they begin their new life at home. Your shopping list should include: babygros, vests, socks, outfits and booties; bed linens, muslin squares, a changing pad and flannels; a cot, Moses basket and rocking chair; plus items for traveling with your baby such as a nappy bag, car seat and push-chair.

Nursing Mothers Need Additional Supplies
If you plan to nurse, plan another shopping trip. You will want to buy additional supplies including a breast pump and milk storage supplies, a nursing pillow, nursing bras, and some special nursing vests.

Don't Forget All the Extras
There are a lot of little extras that you can buy for baby to make your life a lot simpler. Items to consider include a baby monitor, baby swing, bouncy seat, a high chair, perfume free detergents, pack and play and Bumbo seat. In addition to the items listed, you will want to make sure you have a camera ready and possibly a video camera. You should also consider buying some books to read to your baby. You can never start reading too early and those first books will become favorites for mum and child alike.


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