Friday, August 20th, 2010
Some scientists say to enjoy sunlight, it’s good for you

There are many health benefits from exposure to the Ultra Violet (UV) rays in sunlight including skin care. Sunlight is necessary for the body to produce vitamin D which, along with calcium, maintains bone density, and it also helps prevent disease. If this is the case, why are we told that exposure to sunlight is dangerous and can lead to skin cancer?

A group of researchers in the United Kingdom including Sam Shuster recently published a report in the British Journal of Dermatology which states that sun exposure can actually decrease the possibility of skin cancer in the form of malignant melanoma. Shuster states that the 84,000 “skin cancers” seen each year that are caused by exposure to sunlight are almost all harmless. He says that malignant melanomas tend to shrink when exposed to the sun in the same way other harmful cancers in the body do.

The researchers also denounce the warnings by governments and cancer societies against exposure to the sun and consider them as scare campaigns. It is completely untrue that the sun causes malignant cancers, but the myth continues. The report states that harmless sun melanomas are classified as malignant because the diagnosis classifies benign lesions as melanomas. This is due to defensive medicine which is in response to its commercialization. For good skin care, people are told to wear sunscreen to prevent the suns rays from penetrating the skin. This is actually harmful to overall health.

Overexposure to the sun can cause painful sunburn. This happens when a person is not very healthy to begin with and is also not used to being exposed to sunlight. It is possible to gradually get the body used to being in the sun, without sunscreen. This is the best way to get the many health benefits the sun has to offer.


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