Thursday, August 19th, 2010
Keep an eye out on your drive home tonight and you may see Ned Kelly.

The famous bushranger is taking one more stand – this time in support of South Australia’s Liberal Democrat candidates.

Fiercely opposed to government interference, Ned has decided to pitch in and help the Liberal Democratic Party in their final tilt towards the election. Ned’s main message is “Get the government off your back, vote LDP”

“The Liberal Democrats are all about less government interference, less government and less tax. I’m pretty passionate about freedom so I recommend a vote for the LDP.”
Ned says a vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote against the Nanny State.

“The LDP will provide freedom of choice, about such issues as voluntary euthanasia, re-legalisation of cannabis and gay marriage. These things are none of the government’s business. The LDP also stand for stronger personal property rights and a better, lower, easier tax system, based on a $30,000 tax threshold and then just a 30% flat tax.”

Ned adds, “Help the Liberal Democrats get over the line! Please vote 1 for group “P” in the Senate and vote for Christopher Steele for Adelaide; Jess Clark for Sturt; Michael Noack for Boothby and Michael Gameau for Makin.”

Keep your eyes open and you might see Ned at the Maid and Magpie corner, the Brittania roundabout, near Tea Tree Plaza, at The Feathers roundabout or near Light’s statue.
If you’d like a lot more freedom in your life, vote LDP...And give Ned a toot and a thumbs up as you drive past.

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Ned Kelly is helping the Liberal Democrats sell their message of freedom. The Liberal Democratic Party is committed to much less tax, and less government interference in your life. See; and
Christopher Steele
P: 0402 340 651


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