Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Wednesday 18 August 2010: A new 100 per cent natural, prescription only skincare range has today been launched by the Marian Rubock Clinic in Perth, Western Australia.

Provided by clinic founder and Australian skincare expert Marian Rubock, her 19 product range has been developed in response to a growing demand for products that are chemical free, yet clinically effective.

“In this day and age people have a greater appreciation of what they use on their bodies, preferring natural ingredients to chemicals and additives. Over the years my clients have consistently requested a product with clinically proven results, which contains all natural ingredients. Nothing existed within the marketplace, so I decided to search for my own,” said Ms Rubock.

The Marian Rubock Clinic, which today provided a live demonstration of platelet rich plasma therapy - the natural alternative to botox - to an audience in Perth, explained why natural products need not be considered less effective than those containing chemicals and synthetic ingredients.

“There is a misconception that natural approaches do not yield effective results. However the therapeutic dose of natural products in my range has a potency that requires a consultation and a prescription from me to ensure that the combination of ingredients has the right balance for the skin. My approach is to not only treat the skin but nurture and support the natural physiology of it,” said Ms Rubock.

The Marian Rubock skincare range contains natural, organic ingredients, which are chirally correct (meaning that the body uses the ingredients as intended and does not cause side effects), free from artificial colours and preservatives, fragrances and irritants.

Some of the active ingredients in the Marian Rubock range include Vitamin A for rejuvenation and essential for normal skin function; Niacinamide (B3) and 1, 3 Beta Glucan for skin immunity; GHK, a powerful collagen and elastin stimulator made up of copper peptides; and Chorella to remodel the skin and act as a powerful anti-oxidant. All ingredients are plant-based and have not been tested on animals.

The active ingredients in the range are designed to restore, replenish and remove dermal scarring and debris. They also stimulate new skin cells at the basement layer and support oxygen and nutrient levels through increased dermal circulation.

“This range has been in the making for several decades and works on the philosophy that each individual requires a unique, prescribed skincare regime that supports its normal physiology. A one size fits all approach does not work for the skin,” said Ms Rubock.

Skin conditions that will particularly benefit from the Marian Rubock range include:

- Acne
- Anti-ageing - restores youthful skin elasticity and supports the building blocks for both collagen and elastin, resulting in a firmer, tighter, healthier skin and lips
- Menopause - rejuvenating dry and lifeless skin resulting from hormonal changes
- Pigmentation and ageing damage
- Rosacea
- Sun damage (mild, moderate and severe)

“I’m excited to see my years of experience, hard work and determination culminate in the launch of a unique advance in not only how skin is treated but also how people understand the vital role it plays. I’m proud to offer women and men a completely natural skincare range that is clinically proven to deliver results,” Ms Rubock said.

The Marian Rubock skincare range is available from $38.00 to $250.00 (depending on the products), with a starter pack of five products costing $258.00.

The Marian Rubock skincare range is available on prescription following an initial consultation with Marian. Visit or call (08) 9383 4225 for more information.

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