Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

Whether it's getting back into the workforce out of boredom or financial necessity, and now that the GFC is declining, significant numbers of employers are taking this new phase of restaffing as an opportunity to be selective, says Dr Michael Molton of Adelaide's epiclinic®.

"Many are seeking qualified personnel that not only have the skills, but also look the part and that means serious competition for limited numbers of job vacancies," Dr Molton said.

The brilliant Fraxel Dual and Thermage skin tightening systems are being used in combination to gain serious advantage over otherwise equally qualified competitors - and giving people a lot of extra confidence when aiming for that prime management or executive position.

"When used in combination, these two treatments reduce appearance by 10 or more years and it's all without surgery or significant downtime," Dr Molton says.

“I have been in the field of Cosmetic Medicine for 15 years. I have seen all kinds of effective technology in that time, especially in the last few years. The results keep getting better and better. At epiclinic® we are committed to bringing you, the patient, the highest standard of treatment possible. We measure performance of all aspects of our practice and only select treatments that have sound scientific and proven outcomes. So as a patient at epiclinic®, you’ll be in good hands.”

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