Tuesday, April 12th, 2016

ANZA Technology Network, the leader in launching foreign technology companies into the US market, has announced that its services will now be delivered in the UK market by Network Pathway via an intellectual property (IP) licensing arrangement.

According to Viki Forrest, CEO of ANZA Technology Network, the same successful fast-track services model that has helped hundreds of Australian tech companies quickly accelerate and do business in the US will now be offered to companies seeking to establish a presence in the UK, the gateway of choice for expanding into the lucrative EU market.

“Network Pathway will be using ANZA’s well-established proprietary model to get CEOs and their companies connected into the UK and to leverage those connections to build strategic partnerships, get new customers and raise capital,” said Forrest.

Network Pathway is led by Peter Hargreaves, Keith Tracey and Dan Liszka. Together, their team has more than 60 years of international business experience between them, across large corporate, SME and start-up environments. Their business connections run deep, comparable to those of ANZA’s in the US market, where companies, new to the ways of Silicon Valley are strategically introduced to the right sources through network connections to create ideal opportunities to close deals at a highly accelerated pace.

“The foundation of building global businesses comes from establishing trusted connections in a new market,” said Network Pathway co-founder, Peter Hargreaves. “That’s why we’ve licensed the ANZA model. It’s built on getting well-connected executives and service providers to open their networks to key people who can get an Australian CEO reliably to the right source. The model reduces risk, saves cash and speeds time to market, which is critical for any growth strategy.”

To kick off Network Pathway‘s UK services, they will be holding a series of “Going Global – US, UK and Beyond” joint information sessions with ANZA Technology Network in Australia later this month.

All sessions are free and will run for 1 hour. Dates and times are listed below. Registration is required to attend.

·      Melbourne, Tuesday, 19 April at 2pm

·      Sydney, Wednesday, 20 April at 3pm

·      Brisbane, Thursday 21 April at 10 am

The sessions are open to any entrepreneur considering global expansion of their business. Topics covered will include:

·      What’s the best, first international market for me?

·      How do I know when I’m ready to ‘go global’?

·      Tips before you expand.

·      Dos and don’ts of global expansion.

·      Plus plenty of time for audience questions.

Those located in other cities who cannot attend one of these sessions are encouraged to contact Network Pathway or ANZA Technology Network for more information.


Contact Profile

ANZA Technology Network

ANZA Technology Network is the leader in launching foreign technology companies in the US market. Our business accelerator services are world class, customized and targeted to each individual entrepreneur’s unique needs to build a sustainable, high-growth business in the US. Our talented network of market experts are matched with you at each phase of your journey and work with you to develop strategic partnerships, get new customers and raise capital. Since 2002, ANZA has worked with hundreds of companies and made thousands of key connections. For more information: http://www.anzatechnet.com/.  

Viki Forrest
W: www.anzatechnet.com/

Network Pathway

Network Pathway is a business accelerator that provides a channel to larger markets, networks and capital in the UK for our Australian clients. Our goal is to increase the speed to market and reduce the risk of failure for our clients’ overseas growth strategies. We have resources based in both the UK and Australia plus licensed IP which has been proven over many years in successfully moving Australian businesses to the US.


Through our service we provide mentors and access to vetted service providers in the UK, a large market of global repute which is a gateway to the EU and Middle East.


Network Pathway’s founders, Peter Hargreaves, Keith Tracey and Dan Liszka, have more than 60 years of international business experience between them. All have successful histories in large corporate, SME and start-up environments. Between the team, they have a wide variety of skills in entrepreneurship, coaching, corporate advisory, capital raising, consulting and professional services delivery.


We continue to grow and maintain a group of mentors who are located around the UK and have a range of business skills and sector experience. We also offer a range of preferred specialist service providers who will provide an excellent standard of service directly to our clients. For more information: http://www.networkpathway.com/.

Keith Tracey
W: www.networkpathway.com/


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