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Monster Ready – Monster Set – Monster Go - Melbourne trio Tin Alley have announced the release of their strongest material to date with lead track Monster due out in little over two weeks. Recently having teamed up with production and mixing crew in the UK David Treahearn and Rob Haggett Tin Alley’s release is expected to be massive. The D&R crew have worked their magic with some of the world’s most famous artists including Madonna, Britney Spears, Marilyn Manson, Gwen Stefani, Oasis, Kylie and The Black Eyed Peas and recently worked on Ladyhawke and Nelly Furtado.

With the follow up track from the Monster EP Ride The Wave heading to the USA to get mixed and mastered by Grammy Award winner Adam Ayan + Bob Ludwig things are only going to get bigger and better – The names Ayan and Ludwig speak for themselves having worked with the world’s elite from Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, David Bowie, Rolling Stones, Nirvana, Kiss, Queen, U2, Metallica, Led Zeppelin,Pearl Jam and The Who.


Expect Sirens – Expect Groove – Expect The Unexpected - With 2010 already proving to be massive for Tin Alley the guys have set a whole new bar of quality music standard with a new fresh off the brewing room ‘POP’ dance music jive – To kick start the Monster EP release Tin Alley have announced plans to tour nationally at Australia’s largest night clubs for special showcases to promote their latest release.

This release reinforces Tin Alley’s recent success with their single ‘OUT OF CONTROL’ having charted over 5 weeks in the ARIA charts top 20 to making over a solid month at #1 on AIR Charts and #1 spots on AMO (Australian Music Office Charts) also receiving 4th most added track to national radio.

Tin Alley will be featuring a special showcase nationwide at some of Australia’s largest and illustrious nightclubs on various selected nights. 2010 is already proving to be massive for Tin Alley with ‘Monster’ being added to an international ad by fashion company Billabong and having teamed up with Luke Chable for the dance track ‘Out Of Control’ the great news just doesn’t stop.

I am sure I need not introduce Luke Chable but for those that haven’t heard that name before then think of the two time ARIA award winners TV ROCK, Luke’s works have also shown up on compilations by Paul Van Dyk and Deep Dish.

The tour is scheduled to run through late August to October of 2010.


The music video for Monster is going to be just as massive – Tin Alley have teamed up with 3D animation guru Dane Van Der Baan – The animation is set to hit Music TV and be nothing short of pure quality animation from having JMC students feature in the recent Oscar award winning animation Happy Feet and now having Dane taking on the Tin Alley project is an exciting time for the group so keep posted on the soon to be released music video.


In September 2010 Tin Alley will have one of their tracks featured on an international ad by fashion company Billabong for the Billabong girls commercial. The track will be featured for the entire length of the commercial as a lead for the Billabong girls campaign.

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