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More than 10 years after his passing Kerry Packer still remains a larger than life character in Australian folklore.

During the 1980s Neil Tuckwell worked at a senior management level in the Packer empire at Park Street headquarters. Over a period of 6 years he had many experiences working directly with Kerry Packer. He has now recounted stories of some of these experiences and the lessons learnt in a memoir "What I learnt working for Kerry Packer".

One of these stories relates to the first task Kerry gave Neil which was to look at acquiring the whole of the online ticketing business BASS NSW. Neil recommended acquisition, whereupon Kerry said "You can run it". When Neil protested "That's not in the business plan" Kerry simply stated it is now! BASS NSW was subsequently restructured to become Ticketek.

Another story relates to Neil presenting a proposal to Kerry to invest in a telecommunications related start-up. Kerry read the proposal, grunted and said "Agreed in principle" which left Neil wondering what that meant. Neil soon found out that what it meant was that if he decided to proceed he had the funding and if he didn't Kerry would understand.

Neil Tuckwell mentors and coaches owners of small businesses, and in his work uses stories and lessons learnt from his own business experience. The source of many of his stories is his 6 years working for Kerry Packer. Neil has compiled this memoir to share those stories and lessons learnt with a wider audience.

Neil's memoir can be viewed or downloaded free from his LinkedIn profile at

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Neil Tuckwell has more than 40 years business experience in a wide range of organisations. During this period he has had roles from technical specialist and manager to CEO and Chairman. Neil has also been directly involved in more than 10 start-up businesses.

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