Monday, August 16th, 2010

With many Australians benefiting from the health, fitness and environmental factors associated with owning a bike, it’s no surprise that bike riding today rates as one of the top ten physical activities in Australia.*

More than 1.9 million Aussies are involved in recreational bike riding*, including 16,000 riders, from school kids to Melbourne’s oldest rider at 80 years of age, who will challenge themselves in this year’s HBA Around the Bay in a Day – Get Sponsored for The Smith Family, in October.

According to Bicycle Victoria, riding to work or owning a bike for leisure is becoming increasingly popular. Here are their top ten reasons to leave the car at home and get outdoors on your bike this spring:

  • Save time: Get your daily exercise done without having to find time to attend the gym.
  • Great exercise: Burn fat, lose weight and raise your fitness levels. A daily 30-minute ride or commute by bike will burn 8 calories a minute, the equivalent of 11kg of fat in a year.
  • Get healthy: Bike riding can help reduce the risks associated with physical inactivity including type 2 diabetes, breast and bowel cancer, obesity and depression.
  • Save money: By choosing to commute by bike instead of driving, it’s possible to save around $50 a week through reduced parking fees, fuel and vehicle maintenance costs. That’s $2,600 a year!
  • Help the environment: Riding just 10km each way instead of driving saves 1.3 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year. That’s equal to 26,000 black balloons.
  • Avoid peak hour: Peak hour city trips up to 10km/phr are often faster by bike than any other form of transport.
  • Free parking: There’s no need to constantly ride around the block until a front door parking spot becomes available. And even better, parking is free.
  • The outlay: Did you know the cost of buying and maintaining a bike in Australia is around 1% of the cost of buying and maintaining a car?
  • Be productive: Some studies have shown that staff who ride to work benefit from increased productivity and less sick days – guaranteed to make your boss happy.
  • Beat stress: Riding will get you outdoors in the fresh air and allow you to enjoy the environment. This improves your mood, gives you a clear mind and is a good source to release stress.

*ERASS 2009


Challenge yourself in this year’s HBA Around the Bay in a Day on Sunday 17 October, 2010. Choose your ride option - 210km, 100km, 80km or HBA 50km, and then enjoy live music, entertainment, food, beverages, giveaways and more at the end of the ride in the beautiful Alexandra Gardens at GO Bike Expo presented by BT Risk & Insurance.
Register by 1 October:

Riders: don’t forget to set up your own web page and get sponsored by friends, family and colleagues and raise funds for disadvantaged Aussie kids.
Your custom page allows you to add photos, send personal emails to sponsors and add your social networking sites to your page. Good luck!

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