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Key points

  • New Awards created by Glen Frost, Founder, FinTech Summit and Founder FinTech Sydney Meetup
  • Reason for FinTech Awards: banks business is open to disruptive fintech startups; Macquarie Research Report (6/14) says 20% finance industry lending revenues at risk
  • FinTech Awards recognise and celebrate innovation in FinTech in Australia; how technology is changing financial services
  • 12 award categories including “FinTech Startup of the Year”
  • Inaugural FinTech  Awards Partner to be leading global law firm; Ashurst
  • Website www.fintechawards.net 

From Blockchain to Payments, from Online Lending to Robo-Advisors, FinTech is dramatically re-shaping the financial services sector. The pace of change has escalated dramatically in the past six months; the ASX investing in Digital Assets, and Prospa raising $60m are two examples of the growth the FinTech sector is experiencing. 

"According to a Macquarie Bank Research Report, up to 20% of bank revenue in the lending and loans category is at risk," said Glen Frost, Founder of FinTech Sydney, and creator of the FinTech Awards. (Glen Frost can email interested journalists a copy of the Macquarie Bank Research report - [email protected] )

To recognise and promote this dramatic wave of change, the FinTech Awards have been created to celebrate the innovators and entrepreneurs in the fintech sector.

The FinTech Awards have been created by Glen Frost, Founder of the FinTech Summit & FinTech Sydney MeetUp. According to Frost: “Over the past two years, we have seen a substantial expansion in the number of new FinTech startups; we’ve seen a boom in the number of dynamic and user-friendly new services offered to consumers, and to businesses; and collaboration between FinTech and established financial services organisations – all this innovation and collaboration needs to be celebrated – and that’s the reason the FinTech Awards have been created.”

“Australian innovation, and Australian business acumen is world leading, and we will showcase this talent and success on 19th May at the FinTech Awards in the ballroom at Ashurst’s Sydney office in Martin Place  Sydney,” said Frost.

“I am delighted to have Ashurst as the Awards Partner for this inaugural event; Ashurst is a leading global law firm with clients in every part of the FinTech sector; their expertise in FinTech is outstanding, and their support for this event will mean great Australian entrepreneurs can be placed on the world stage,” added Frost.

Global Vice Chairman of Ashurst  Mary Padbury stated "Ashurst's finance and technology lawyers have a strong and growing track record of executing complex and cutting edge  transactions involving FinTech. We understand the importance of technology innovation in driving and transforming financial markets and are proud to be the Awards Partner for the FinTech Awards, recognising and rewarding the most innovative initiatives, products and systems in FinTech in Australia.”

About Ashurst:

Ashurst is a leading global law firm with a rich history spanning almost 200 years. Ashurst has a global team, drawing on cross-practice knowledge and capability, with deep product expertise and extensive multi-jurisdictional experience.  

When it comes to helping clients navigate FinTech opportunities and risk, Ashurst mirrors the dynamism of the FinTech sector by bringing together people with expertise in a range of disciplines such as technology, regulation and finance.  With a culture that is rooted in innovation, collaboration and excellence, Ashurst designs innovative legal solutions for exciting opportunities within the FinTech ecosystem.  


To date, Ashurst has worked with a range of FinTech participants including investors, financiers and technology pioneers. Through our global team of over 400 partners and over 1,450 lawyers based in all of the major financial centres around the world, we are helping our clients leverage the power of technology in finance to improve efficiencies and customer experiences.

Contact: Glen Frost. Mobile 0417 497 736 email: [email protected]

Notes to Editors:


  1. FinTech Innovation in Payments – The Judges are looking for an innovative new product or service that disrupts the payments sector; services could be from all areas of the FinTech sector including mobile or digital currency providers.
  2. FinTech Innovation in Wealth Management (Robo Advice) - The Judges are seeking a product or service which offers a new, or significantly improved, service that uses technology to benefit customers and/or financial institutions.
  3. FinTech Innovation in Lending (for an ADI) – Lending is a highly competitive part of the FinTech sector, and the Judges are looking for a Bank/ADI offering a new innovative product/service that has led to success.
  4. FinTech Innovation in Lending (for FinTech Startup) – As per above, but for a FinTech Startup; a non-bank business
  5. Best Innovation in Cyber-Security & Anti-Fraud - This award seeks to recognise the business/Government or service/product that is the most innovative and effective method of detecting or preventing cybercrime or fraud. The Award is open to both internal or external Cyber-Security & Anti-Fraud teams.
  6. Best FinTech Communications Campaign – The Judges are looking for the campaign that helped a fintech business or service scale, gain traction or awareness. This Award will be judged on creativity and results, and will be mindful of the size of the campaign budget and media spend.
  7. Best Research in FinTech – The judges will be looking for peer reviewed primary or secondary research that pushes the boundaries in fintech, and puts Australia on the world stage
  8. Best FinTech-Bank Collaboration of the Year – The Judges are looking for specific projects, or products
  9. FinTech Leader of the Year – The Award Judges are looking for an outstanding individual who has persistently contributed to the advancement of the fintech sector
  10. Female FinTech Leader of the Year - The Award Judges are looking for an outstanding female individual who has persistently contributed to the advancement of the fintech sector
  11. FinTech Technology CTO/CIO of the Year - Judges will be looking for an outstanding CTO or CIO who has created or led cutting edge innovation, a CTO or CIO who may have taken a calculated risk and the risk has paid off.
  12. FinTech Startup of the Year – This is the most important Award of the night. The Judges are seeking a FinTech start-up business (business or core service launched in the past 18 months) that has disrupted the financial services sector with new and innovative services, creating competition and transforming the way we experience financial services.

Media Tickets to the FinTech Awards: Media covering FinTech and financial services technology are welcome to apply for a free ticket/media pass to the FinTech Awards. Ticket numbers are limited and we may not be able to accommodate all media requests. Media Tickets will be allocated to relevant media at the discretion of the Organiser.

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