Saturday, April 9th, 2016

Infront Artists announces corporate sponsorship with the latest screening of 3 Short Films by Omrane Khuder, a 77Films production in association with Ominous Brothers Productions. Written, Produced and Directed by Omrane Khuder, a recipient of the Letter of Appreciation from the Victorian Premier for his work in bringing to light topics such as a short film ‘Antiquated Kilter,’ (caring for the elderly) and the short film ‘Heed’ which raised funds for Cancer Council Victoria. This film was the centerpiece of a Cancer Council Victoria funding event. Currently, negotiations are underway to create a TV show based on this short film.

The 3 Short Films byOmrane Khuder focuses on three different themes, providing viewers with topics that help to shed light on relevant issues with the aim of broadening their exposure. ‘By No Means’ follows an unpretentious, indigent family constricted by their inopportune present financial status. They surprisingly stumble across a lottery scratchy sent to them in an unmarked envelope. ‘Ignored' follows the character Hannah who notices the sudden disappearance of the withdrawn and homeless Donnie who frequents the road she journeys to get to work. ‘I Used To Exist’ follows the journeys of bully victims who gather as a group for the first time facilitated by Counsellor Chris is an effort to encourage them to share their experiences.

Filmmaker, Writer and Director Omrane Khuder says, “We create entertaining stories we can all relate to and identify with; articulated through integrity and tolerance. It’s simply not enough to create it; we must aim to make a difference. Through creative art, we create stories that we can all relate to and identify with.”

3 Short Films by Omrane Khuder event will be held Sunday, April 24th at 12:30pm at Howlers Bar and Theatre, 7-11 Dawsons Street, Brunswick, Victoria.

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