Thursday, April 7th, 2016

New Book: The Sales Focused CEO: looking at business through a new lens

“In my third book The Sales Focused CEO, I provide a new view of the often cloaked and perplexing business of marketing and sales, to unravel the impediments enabling CEOs to drive revenue improvement. Written by a CEO, for CEOs, this book provides a new lens that distills what is required to achieve modernisation and creation of ultracompetitive contemporary marketing and sales organisations.”

The author of The Sales Focused CEO, Adele Crane, says CEOs are confronted with the need to demand top-line performance through marketing and sales business units that are often held cloaked and perplexing to understand; unmovable for many through the fear of the unknown.

CEOs fear looking at changes or improvements to their sales for good reason: sales are the engine that drives revenue. No matter how patched up or sputtering that engine may be, the mere thought of overhauling it fills CEOs and senior executives with dread. Companies make ongoing, piecemeal repairs as long as they can in a vain attempt to keep revenue flowing. They will tolerate behavior and performance from marketing and sales that would not be tolerated in any other areas of the business.

In organisational modernisation, marketing and sales are often considered the last frontier of business. They have remained untouched for too many years, carrying expensive indirect costs through inefficiencies, unmeasurable behaviours and a lack of transparency. Many are devoid of sound business practices. The challenge for CEOs being while their companies are often operating with contemporary methods across other business units, the unwillingness of sales, in particular, to mobilise fresh thinking is no longer acceptable.

The fear of the unknown, and the use of the wrong lens for viewing the business are the greatest barriers to overcome. Unfortunately, most of the information people are exposed to has been written by former middle managers of sales and marketing units. Such information is narrow in content and is typically focused on compensation plans, training, and ingenuous reporting. The Sales Focus CEO is written by a CEO giving a different view and priorities on the performance of marketing and sales.

Crane distills these mystic business units through concise business acumen paving a clear path to understanding and action for CEOs. The new lens not only addresses these challenges in a succinct manner but explains the cause and treatment of many of the impediments that have been allowed to fester and remove accountability of these important business units. Importantly, this book establishes the requirements of high-performance marketing and sales organisations, aligned to deliver sustainable growth year-on-year.

The Sales Focused CEO empowers readers with the knowledge of how the sales and marketing business should function; to become competitive and to deliver profitable growth in today’s ultracompetitive market.

About Adele Crane:

Adele Crane, author, is a highly respected international business consultant with over twenty-five years’ experience. She is arguably one of the most experienced experts in this field in the world today. She has personally delivered profitable revenue improvement across many industries in 90 to 120 days, with sustainable growth achievements in excess of 40 percent in each company serviced, and has delivered more successful turnarounds in the past decade than any other known consultant.

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