Wednesday, August 11th, 2010
It seems Australians are turning away from invasive facial cosmetic surgery, turning instead to cosmetic injectables, such as dermal fillers, and other wrinkle treatments like peels and laser to keep aging at bay.

Sia Hendry, from the Sydney skin care clinic Laser By Sia, says recent US data compiled by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery shows surgical procedures such as facelifts and other invasive treatments have been dropping over the last five years.

“The cosmetic surgery industry is noticing a similar trend here, and not just because of the GFC. Australians are turning away from expensive and invasive facial surgery for wrinkle injections, peels and other therapies, that are as effective without the high price tag,” Sia says. “In fact, there were more than 1.5 million injections of botulinum administered to Australians in 2009 alone.”

So is this move to less invasive procedures to reduce the signs of aging warranted, or are Australians barking up the wrong anti-aging tree?

“In most cases, non-invasive cosmetic treatments, such as wrinkle fillers, are very effective and can keep many signs of aging away almost indefinitely. Certainly, for the average woman there is no need to turn to surgical procedures anymore,” Sia says.

So what are these anti aging procedures and are they accessible to the average Australian?

“We are seeing that anti wrinkle injections, such as botulinum and fillers, are becoming very popular with people who consider this preventative measure a good investment against future cosmetic surgery,” Sia explains.

“Botulinum softens the appearance of dynamic wrinkles, such as crows feet and frown lines, as it temporarily relaxes the underlying muscles by blocking the transmission of nerve impulses to the area. The muscle cannot contract, so the wrinkle cannot form and will gradually diminish. Botulinum is also being used as a highly effective hyperhidrosis treatment or excessive sweating treatment.

“Injectable dermal fillers reduce the appearance of static wrinkles, such as marionette lines or lip lines. Dermal fillers are injected via a very fine needle into the dermal layer of the skin where they attract fluid to ‘plump up’ skin creases and hollows.

“Fillers can also be used for lip enhancement, lip augmentation, to remove lip wrinkles and enhance lip definition to stop lipstick bleed.

“Light therapy is becoming more utilised as people recognise its benefits. Our medi light therapy uses wavelengths of light to increase circulation, the supply of oxygen and nutrients in the skin, therefore speeding up regeneration and growth of connective tissue. This painless treatment increases collagen synthesis, lymphatic drainage and cellular growth in the dermis.

“Collagen is the key to anti wrinkle treatments. Collagen doesn’t naturally replenish itself in our skin, it must be stimulated, usually with a mild wound or heat. If collagen is stimulated in the dermis, connective tissue can reform and sagging and wrinkles become reduced.

“Ultrasonic is another new treatment. This uses sonic vibrations, which oscillate thousands of times per second, to lift dead skin cells and improve circulation. Ultrasonic deep cleans without abrasives, while the vibrations increase the permeability of cell membranes so additional nutrients can be infused into the dermis.

“Another new procedure becoming popular is skin needling. This is great for pitted scarring and skin rejuvenation, and is just as effective as fraxel laser without the traumatic pain, expense and down time.”

Sia also explains that the chemical peel has undergone a revamp.

“A ‘chemical’ peel can now be achieved without any chemicals. Clinics are using natural peels that work from the inside out to rejuvenate the skin.

“Much like the more expensive and painful laser thermage treatment, a peels kick starts the fibroblasts that produce collagen and elastin. New peels also re-encode your cell DNA and remove any scar tissue blocking the dermal junction so nutrients can reach all levels of the skin. This gives us healthy, youthful, functioning skin. Peels are much more affordable and as effective as thermage treatment in most cases,” Sia says.

For more information on lip enhancement, injection fillers, hyperhidrosis and other anti aging treatments available in Sydney, visit the Laser By Sia website, or call 02 8323 7510.

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