Monday, August 9th, 2010
Australia's latest "start up website" ( gives Australians the chance to gain their revenge on the big banks. FIZONE has just opened for business in Australia, and is already making waves.

Australians are increasingly becoming upset with the service and products they are receiving from the big banks. CEO and founder of FIZONE, Clinton Balgera (Internet Entrepenuer) explains: "For a long time I noticed that people close to me were paying ridiculous interest rates of over 22%p.a on their credit cards, mainly due to lack of knowledge. I wanted to let Australians know that there were products on the market that could save them hundreds or even thousands of dollars."

FIZONE gives Australians the chance to compare a range of banking products including credit cards, loans and banking accounts, with a special focus on balance transfers. Clinton Balgera, from Fizone, states: "We have created an easy to use website that gives Australians the chance to get a fair go with banking products".

The powerhouse banks in Australia NAB, Westpac, Commonwealth and ANZ are seeing increasing competition from the lesser known banks such as; HSBC, Suncorp and Bankwest. Clinton Balgera, from Fizone, explains: "For far too long the big banks have had a strangle hold within the industry. We want to let Australians know that there are alternatives that can save them money."

During tough economic times, Austalians are realising that every penny counts. As a nation we are spending more time researching products to get the best deal. As a result we have seen an influx of comparison websites like and Clinton Balgera, from Fizone, says:"What makes us different is our usability, we understand that not all Australians are internet savvy, so we have created a website that is easy to use."

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