Friday, August 6th, 2010
Fedelta POS is the leader in several areas regarding point of sale systems. From cash registers at the front of the house to the back office. Fedelta has point of sale systems suitable for any style operation.

As a hospitality point of sale system, the Fedelta POS can be used in settings ranging from sports bars and pubs to high volume settings such as arenas and stadiums. Fedelta POS is the first choice in the hospitality industry because of their durability, flexibility and ease of operation.

Fedelta point of sales systems provide the perfect blend of qualities in regards to the hospitality field. The ease of operation in high pressure situations on the front line and the smooth integration of accounting and bookkeeping in the back office make the Fedelta POS the easiest system to learn and to work.

Melbourne Point of Sale

Mariner Theaters, a brand of luxurious theaters, recently implemented the Fedelta POS system to be used in all of their venues. Fedelta currently leads the Melbourne point of sale systems market and has been integrated in a majority of the sports arenas and stadiums in the surrounding Melbourne area.

Melbourne is known as the fashion capital of Australia and the city is vibrant with restaurants and pubs lining the magical streets such as, Ligon Street. Melbourne's Chinatown district is also an area that generates busy traffic to bustling restaurants.

Sydney Point of Sale

Another area Fedelta POS flourishes, is the city of Sydney and the surrounding area. Sydney is a mecca for night life and entertainment, which is the market Fedelta POS is identified. The Sydney point of sale system leader is without a doubt, Fedelta. Most venues in the exciting city of Sydney are either equipped with the Fedelta POS or are in the process to converting.

Sydney is an eclectic city with an edge to it. Business owners in Sydney know they can't have any issues with their point of sale systems or they could lose valuable sales.

Brisbane Point of Sale

Brisbane is known as Brisvegas by the locals. The lifestyle of the city is lived at a brisk pace, reminiscent of the Las Vegas lifestyle. The Brisbane point of sale system of choice is the Fedelta POS. The fast pace of the restaurants and clubs of Brisbane are no match for the Fedelta POS.

The support of the Fedelta POS team is far reaching and never ending. Fedelta POS stands behind their product and keeps their customers satisfied by answering every question.



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