Thursday, April 7th, 2016

Brisbane business woman Shar Moore is part of the silent army of women entrepreneurs who are over free networking events and big ticket pitches.

Despite creating her own networking event five years ago, Shar has found that once an entrepreneur reached a certain point in their business, the typical events actually hold back their growth.

“Up until a certain point in business, the weekly and monthly networking events help grow a business but once you reach the $250k mark in turnover, you outgrow these events,” she said.

“They are a stepping stone to bigger things … but there is a huge gap in networking in Australia for women at this level.”

Throughout her years as an event organiser, Shar has seen powerful women entrepreneurs come and go.

“You know the ones. You can see they are hungry for information. They come to an event on time, dressed to impress, sophisticated if you don't connect with them that day, you will never see them again,” Shar said.

“They will return to their four walls and hibernate, frustrated because there is nowhere for them to call home.”

The Profile Of Australian Women In Business Report Prepared By The Australian Bureau Of Statistics For The Office For Women, 2015 found 34% of all Australian businesses are run by women.

Shar said there are over 680,000 women out there running their own business, many of them from home. “Almost half of these are over 40; they are smart, savvy and switched on and over the hard sell,” she said.

“Where do you go once you learn the basics of marketing, Facebook ads, creating landing pages, running webinars.

“Where is the training to help you take your income from $100k a year to over half a million?

“There are the million-dollar mentoring rooms but nothing in between. This is holding many businesses back and quite often causing them to go backwards.”

This backward step is highlighted by the average weekly income for a woman in business compared with men. “Women are making half of what a man does when she runs her own business - $423 per week compared with $890 for men.

“Why is this still happening? How can we help women move past this invisible wall?”

And like all true entrepreneurs who see a problem, Shar has created a solution.

“I want to help women grow through this hump in their business. I am really creating something I need,” Shar said.

The Elysian Experience, being held in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane will feature the founder of Model Co and advisor to Mark Bouris, Shelley Barratt in a space dedicated to the silent army.

“I am going to fill the gap in this space – no hard sell, no pitching, no basic info. It’s all high level education to help women to explode their businesses,” Shar said.

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