Monday, April 4th, 2016

Sydney, 4 April 2016 - Regional NSW is suffering as a result of severe government mismanagement. Towns are dry, communities are dying and the problem is not being addressed by current politicians. 

ALA’s Senate candidate for NSW, Mrs Kirralie Smith and Mr Ron Pike, who chairs policy development for energy and resources, will be touring Cobar, Menindee and Broken Hill on Saturday 9th April to present the party’s plan to return water and prosperity to communities in regional NSW. 

Senate candidate Mrs. Kirralie Smith, will also outline the party's vision and policies for smaller, smarter government. She stated “There is too much wasteful government spending and it’s not producing suitable outcomes for Australians. We are unashamedly pro-Australian and committed to protecting and promoting Australian jobs, Australian industries and Australian produce.” 

Mr. Ron Pike, formerly of the National Party, will outline the ALA’s bold plan for a Snowy Hydro-style initiative to return water and prosperity to communities in the Murray Darling Basin.

Mr. Pike explains: “The current policy, as supported by all parties in Canberra, is adversely affecting over two and a half million people. Their plans have failed and now they present expensive stop-gap measures that do not address their failure to provide this basic service to the community.” 

Other policies of ALA include stopping the Islamisation of Australia, a 10 year immigration moratorium, regulation for halal certification, integration not segregation, restoring foundational principles in education, new healthcare initiatives and a focus on civil rights and responsibilities. 

The ALA team meets supporters and interested residents in Cobar for morning tea, Menindee early afternoon and finishes with the main event in Broken Hill at 7pm. Attendance is free but reserving your seat is required. Reservations can be made through the website

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Australian Liberty Alliance Ltd (ALA) is a national political party that was registered with the Australian Electoral Commission in July 2015. The organisation is headquartered in Melbourne and is forming local chapters in federal electorates across all states. Membership numbers are growing rapidly. ALA will stand candidates in the 2016 federal elections, followed by local and state elections, to coincide with the growth in membership.

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