Wednesday, August 4th, 2010
Leading Technology Analyst Chris Shipley To Rate Companies’ Commercial Viability, Execution, Team and Business Model as Part of Gateway to US Workshops in Australia this Month

--ANZA Technology Network will bring the Guidewire Group’s exclusive startup assessment tool – the G/Score – to Australia for the first time this month as part of its Gateway to the US introductory workshops in Australian capital cities, 23 August – 1 September.

Developed by leading global startup advisory firm, Guidewire Group, the G/Score assesses a startup’s progress in seven critical business activities. The G/Score has been used in Europe, Asia and the US – but not Australia. The ANZA TechNet workshops mark the G/Score’s debut Down Under, and Guidewire Group CEO Chris Shipley will personally score each workshop participating company. Space in the ANZA TechNet workshops is limited to just 80 Australian companies ready to explore US business opportunities as part of the ANZA Gateway to the US program.

The G/Score combines the expertise of Shipley and her Guidewire Group team, who have assessed over 20,000 startups worldwide in the last 20 years. Companies deliver a 5-minute presentation, and the G/Score is applied to rate the company on commercial viability, execution, team and business model.

“The G/Score benefits startups because it’s a transparent analysis that focuses on achievement and execution and prescribes a path forward to business performance. Partners and investors trust the unbiased methodology to shorten the upfront analysis and decision-making and accelerate time to engagement. Most importantly, it provides startups with actionable, unbiased feedback about their strengths and opportunities,” said Shipley.

Companies participating in the one-day ANZA workshops will also spend time fine-tuning 30-second and 5-minute pitches for a US-based audience in line with discussion about the cultural differences between Australian and American business practices. A complete agenda and workshop schedule is available at this link:

The workshops are being offered for a limited time at a 25% discount price of $495 (USD), which is good for up to two executives per company. Spaces are strictly limited to 80 companies interested in exploring their options in the US market.

Following the workshops, companies are invited to complete the ANZA Gateway to the US program, which consists of two months of additional online coaching to perfect a company pitch to be delivered to a US audience of investors and industry executives at a 3-day Executive Summit in Silicon Valley in October.

For more information, contact ANZA CEO Viki Forrest: [email protected] or +1 415 309 7068.

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ANZA Technology Network assists innovative Australian technology and biotechnology companies with global commercialization in the US and China. Through our webinars, workshops and Gateway and Fast Track programs we work with committed companies to determine the right foreign marketplace and what it will take for successful business expansion. ANZA maintains a valuable global network of industry leaders across numerous technology sectors and opens this portfolio to our clients to foster funding, partnering and growth opportunities. Since 2002, ANZA has worked with hundreds of companies and made thousands of key connections. For more information:
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