Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

The Liberal Democrat candidate for Adelaide has launched a war against government meddling.

“It’s time we eliminated the wholesale intrusions of government into our lives,” says Christopher Steele, LDP candidate for Adelaide.

Chris points out, that “Right now, government is taxing us to the wall. High tax stifles everyone’s living standards and the tax squeeze on business means less employment opportunities than we’d like, too. Just as badly, government is hell-bent on taking control of our personal lives.

"We are being trounced by the Nanny State and it's time we reclaimed our freedom." 

Chris believes it is vital to overturn government interference gone mad. He declares that governments have: no right to interfere in personal lifestyle choices; and no right to infringe upon any individual's economic activity.

As Chris explains “Some parties stand for some degree of economic freedom but with plenty of social constraints, while other parties stand for social freedom yet with plenty of economic constraints. Only the LDP stands for maximum freedom, both economically and socially.”

Therefore, Christopher Steele will stand for lower tax, less government spending and an end to all laws that amount to "victimless crimes".

On August 21st, Australia goes to the polls and Chris says that you can strike a blow for freedom by voting LDP. Chris ends with this message: "Vote P in the upper house (LDP) and vote for the LDP candidate in the lower house in Sturt, Makin, Boothby and Adelaide."

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Liberal Democratic Party Candidate for Adelaide Christopher Steele

Liberal Democratic Party Candidate for Adelaide Christopher Steele is campaigning for libertarian values at this Federal Election. The local businessman is passionate about creating a truly free Australia. Chris was born and educated in Adelaide and has lived in the Adelaide electorate for over 6 years. Following many years of working as an advertising copywriter, Chris now conducts his own successful advertising agency. He is also a marriage celebrant. Chris enjoys body-boarding, travel and family life and in his spare time (!) he is preparing to build a homemade recumbent bicycle.
Christopher Steele
P: 08 8125 8885
W: www.ldpsa.org.au


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