Monday, August 2nd, 2010
WHAT’S in a name? Seven laneways in the Maylands Town Centre in Western Australia have been given monikers, following suggestions from the community.

As part of the Maylands Activity Centre Urban Design Framework, it was recommended the lanes in the town centre receive names to provide a sense of place while reflecting local history and community values.

The laneways, bound by Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Avenues, Whatley Crescent, Guildford Road and Rowlands and Warnes Streets, have bee named:

Laneway Section 1: Sargents Lane – named after Lionel Sargent, a well-respected chemist who made outstanding contributions to the Maylands community in its early years, especially during the Great Depression when people were not able to afford doctors. His shop was on Railway Terrace (now Whatley Crescent) and this lane is at the back of the properties fronting Whatley Crescent.

Laneway Section 2: Lyric Lane – built in the 1920s, the Lyric Theatre was an important, well-known meeting place for the Maylands community during the formative years of the suburb and the building, which still stands, is located adjacent to this laneway.

Laneway Section 3: Ellard Lane – The Ellard family has been in Maylands for more than a century and four of the children settled in Maylands with families and children who went to Maylands schools.

Laneway Section 4: Roxy Lane – The Roxy Picture Outdoor Theatre was on the corner of Guildford Road and Falkirk Avenue for many years and was an integral part of the community.

Laneway Section 5: Sullivan Lane – Muriel Sullivan was a member of the Maylands community who made outstanding contributions to the community, volunteering to help the needy and returned, infirmed soldiers. She lived at 49 Ninth Avenue, close to this laneway.

Laneway Section 6: Greenslade Lane – Frank Greenslade founded the Maylands Historical and Peninsula Association and was named 1995 Citizen of the Year when Maylands was part of the City of Stirling. Ten years later, he was named City of Bayswater Citizen of the Year. He is constantly involved with the Maylands community, especially as the driving force behind People for the Peninsula, and has been integral in proposing a commemorative park to highlight the historical significance of the former Maylands aerodrome.

Laneway Section 7: Bakers Lane – There were four bakeries in Maylands in its early years, important for the local economy and giving people places to socialise. This laneway is near a former bakery location.

Bayswater Mayor Terry Kenyon said the laneways in the Maylands Town Centre provided opportunities to re-active so-called “forgotten spaces”.

“Naming the laneways is an important step, allowing people to become more connected to the area,” he said.

“This will provide for potential development along the laneways, opening up opportunities for smaller businesses to be developed, such as 'Melbourne-style' cafes, restaurants or community organisations.

“The names given to them recognise important places or figures in the establishment and development of the Maylands Town Centre.”

The Geographic Names Committee has advised it has approved the laneway names, along with the Minister for Lands, as recommended by the City of Bayswater.

The names will be added on to relevant Landgate and City of Bayswater maps and signage will be installed.

lyric lane: A Maylands laneway has named in honour of the old Lyric Theatre building, pictured.

bakers lane: This laneway is Maylands has been named in honour of the four bakeries that were a formative part of the area’s early years.

sullivan lane: Sullivan Lane has been named after Muriel Sullivan, a volunteer who helped returned soldiers and the needy.

map1: A map highlighting six of the newly-named laneways in Maylands.

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