Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Cymtrix Training Systems Pty Ltd., has announced the public launch of their leadership and management skills development training courses, based on a downloadable multimedia based software and content platform.

The new products announced today are known as Cymtrix® Director Lite and Cymtrix® Director Professional.

The new Cymtrix® Director range of products are downloaded from the company website ( and are fully installed on most Windows™ based PC’s like any other piece of software. Because they utilize a multimedia platform the ‘software’ also contains all the content required to undergo the training course. Unlike common e-learning platform offerings, with Cymtrix® Director Lite or Professional, the user is in complete control of when, where, who and how often they undertake the training. Like normal commercial software, the license cost covers the computer on which it is installed and not the number of course participants or being charged on a “per seat” basis.

"The Cymtrix® Director range of training courses creates and establishes a more compelling value proposition. The new products launched today, have been designed for the consumer and small business in mind. All training courses include a comprehensive set of course notes, narrated lesson presentations which, have a full multimedia control panel together with an associated lesson test quiz," Cymtrix Training Systems’ Managing Director, Paul McLoughlin, said.

“The entire Cymtrix® Director range of training courses is based on our traditional, proven and well respected workshop based training courses. We believe we have successfully managed to update and transform our training course content material to best utilize the new delivery platform. As a result, market reach for our products is now global, rather than just local. We have also established a new and extremely competitive price point for skills development training. This will broaden not only the appeal of our product range but will generate export opportunities for us”, Mr McLoughlin went on to add.

“As I have already said, we have chosen a retail price point that is extremely competitive. To give you an idea of how competitive we believe we are and based on training industry average pricing models, our multi-use Cymtrix® Director products are on average, about 5-10 times lower in cost than the industry standard investment required to train just one person! What is more, with our products, you can train as many people as you like. We have not compromised on quality either, so value for money in the Cymtrix® Director range is, we believe, fantastic.”

“We have a number of new training course products in the pipeline and expect to launch these over the next six months. If there is enough demand we shall have a number of different language versions available later, but at the moment English is the only option,” Mr McLoughlin concluded.

The Cymtrix® Director Lite product incorporates 2 lesson modules and is priced at $29.70 including GST. The Cymtrix® Director Professional product is a more comprehensive training course incorporating 7 lesson modules and is priced at $99 including GST.

Both products can be ordered now by downloading from the Cymtrix Training Systems website at . Every product requires online activation in order to gain access to the training course content.

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