Wednesday, March 30th, 2016

When asked where they went on their last domestic holiday, 935,000 Australians aged 14+ reported going to Western Australia. This is 127,000 travellers more than two years ago, making WA one of the country’s growth destinations for domestic holidays, the latest findings from Roy Morgan Research reveal. So what kind of things do people get up to when holidaying out West? Hint: pack your drinking boots…

People whose last holiday was in WA were 131% more likely than the average domestic traveller to have visited at least one winery/vineyard while they were there, narrowly beating out folks whose last holiday was in Tasmania, a state with its own fair share of wine regions.

They are 93% more likely than the average Aussie holiday-goer to have visited a wilderness area, 53% more likely to have gone fishing or hunting, 48% more likely to have been to a National Park and 46% more likely to have gone bicycling. They are also above average for participation in other outdoorsy activities such as bushwalking, surfing and taking in the local scenery or wildlife.

Top 5 holiday activities of people whose last holiday was in WA (compared to average Aussie)


Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), January – December 2015 (n=8,186). NB: Chart shows the index of the target profile group compared to population average, with 100 being the average.

On the other hand, people whose last holiday was in WA tended to be below-average in terms of participation in more urbane holiday pursuits like going to art galleries, visiting a casino, and going to a theme/entertainment park.

Angela Smith, Group Account Director, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“For most Australians, WA is a long way to go for a holiday. Similarly, for Western Australians, the eastern states are so far away that Bali looks close. So it’s no surprise that more than three-quarters of people whose last domestic holiday was in WA were WA residents.

“When looking at the five activities that most over-index among people whose last trip was in WA, we see they all involve the great outdoors and natural settings. This makes sense, given the state’s diverse natural landscapes and seemingly endless coastline. Nor is the above-average incidence of vineyard visitation unexpected: WA’s south-west is world-renowned for its wines, with its picturesque vineyards being one of the region’s key tourist attractions.

“By understanding the kinds of activities their visitors are most – and least -- likely to engage in while on holiday, state and regional tourism bodies are in a better position to target the most appropriate audience when promoting their destination.”

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